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Mother ease Testimonials

Mother ease offers parents cloth diapers that really work and we love sharing the testimonials we receive!
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From Our Happy Customers:


Once we switched to cloth we never had a leak! These diapers are made well. I purchased them in 2014 and they have been washed every couple of days for the last 2+ years! My daughter is now wearing them and they still feel, fit, and look as good as new!

We have 6 stay-dry diapers for night time use and they are amazing! Our baby’s skin is dry in the morning and there are no leaks! Everyone is happy!‎

When our son went to day care for 11 months before our daughter was born, our day care provider found using these diapers super easy. She had never used cloth diapers before but said she was willing to try. We sent everything she needed for the day (diapers with liners already laying flat inside, as well as cloths for cleaning his skin) in a wet bag, then at the end of the day we took home all the soiled items in the same wet bag. I was worried she might not want to keep our son in our cloth diapers, but thankfully she found the system hassle free!

Furthermore, I have found the customer service from Mother Ease staff exceptional! My orders are shipped straight away and there is never a delay in receiving them. Mother Ease staff have always responded quickly and thoroughly to any of the questions I’ve sent in.

I definitely recommend these diapers. I have found the One-size Diapers used with the Air Flow covers to be the perfect system!!

– Jessica


We have just discovered Mother ease and I wish I had known about them sooner! My son is 5 months old now and about a month ago he started to leak through all his diapers. The night time solution was where we started and now I’m addicted and want them all!!! My baby goes into his night time diaper around 7 on and comes out of it st 7 or 8 am. And the best thing is, his bum isn’t even the slightest bit red. Every mom should own these!



We use fitted diapers and covers on my 4 year old for night time and they were getting holes in them so someone suggested the Sandy’s Fitted Diapers. I loved that they had a Toddler size because my son has autism and I’m not sure when he will night train so having something fit larger kids is great. We got the bamboo and they are so soft and super absorbent. They fit great with plenty of room to grow.

I’m very glad I went with these instead of purchasing more of the other diapers. I also love that I was able to get on the website and immediately live chat and get the answers I was looking for.

Thank you Mother ease – Tanja


I have looked for months to find a night time option for my heavy wetter son. I could never find something that would keep him dry all night. Then I was recommended Mother ease. I am soo glad that I gave them a try.I used the sandys fitted and also the stay dry night time inserts in the Duo cover. Now he wakes up after 12 hours and his clothes and sheets are DRY!! No more disposables for us 🙂

– Michelle


I just wanted to say how much I love Mother ease! I cloth diapered my first from birth and had various brands/ styles but ended up with leaks at different stages with different brands. It seemed like as my son grew the ones that fit well no longer fit and I would be facing wet clothes once again. Then I found mother ease and have never had a leak. Not one, ever! They are easy to use, (even my husband says he likes them the best of any diaper we have ever tried) simple to wash and they seem so comfy for my boys. I especially like the one size with air flow covers.

My second son has been in Mother ease since about 1 month old and although he definitely has a huge bottom I never worry about leaks. I have purchased some second hand one size and they still perform so well and have no visible wear even though they have been through a few kids. Seriously Thank you for making an amazing (and affordable) product!

I sing the praises of Mother ease everywhere I go!

– Kathleen


Mother ease,

I purchased your Wizard Duo trial package with the stay dry inserts and am in love! Unfortunately, I am unable to buy a big package at this time, so I have tried out other cheaper cloth diapers, but have not been satisfied…Thus, I am doing everything to save up the money to purchase a big package ASAP!

Thank you so much for the quality product!

– Brittany


Dear Motherease,

I love the diapers! I purchased a range of sizes for my small, growing person who is currently wearing a medium airflow on the second snap. She is almost 4 months old and is very full figured, especially in the thigh area, which can make diapering challenging. For my older daughter I tried a number of mostly pocket diapers from a number of companies. We toughed it out until she was potty trained at 2 1/2, even dragging them to our local laundromat in Brooklyn, and often had leaks and struggled getting them clean enough for her very sensitive skin. I just thought cloth leaked. I have now donated all my old diapers and am slowly building up my Mother ease stash. I loved them, they are great.

Thanks again, Mira


These diapers are by far the best out there! The Wizard Duo is my go to – they dry faster than any we own and contain the explosive poops of a newborn.

Thanks,  Lauren


Mother ease came recommend by my sister in law. She said she used them and were happy so on our first child we tried it out. We ordered the One Size fitted diaper package with 24 diapers and 12 inserts. We also got 20 baby wipes, a diaper sprayer, and nursing pads. We are very happy with our purchase. The diapers work great! No leaks. Only once did our son have a big poop and a little got on his pants, but for the most part they absorb very well. He is able to wear his diaper all night and no leaks. The diapers are soft and fit well. They are a bit bulky at first when he was small ( 1 month) but not bad. Now he is 5 months and they don’t seem bulky. They are easy to wash and I recommend getting the sprayer! Our son was 7lbs at birth and they fit him when he was 3 weeks using the One Size diapers and the small Air Flow cover. Next time I hope to get some newborn Sandy’s size for the first 3 weeks. The nursing pads work great too! Absorb well and are soft and comfortable. I got the stay dry fabric.

I give Mother ease 5 stars for being a great company with great products.

Thanks again, Deidre


I just wanted to say how HAPPY I am to have found your product! I have been cloth diapering my twins since birth but using disposables at night because I didn’t like all the options out there that seemed like too much guesswork, a ridiculously giant butt, or the expense of wool.

I went to Diaper eez and they told me to try your nighttime diapers and I wouldn’t be disappointed. They were right! I love that they are trim and even more importantly we haven’t had a single leak! Thank you so much for making such a great product!



I had a great chat online with Sandy from Mother ease when I was trying to decide what to buy. It was wonderfully helpful and saved me quite a lot of time. I’ve never encountered that on a website!

Thank you!


My ABSOLUTE favorite is the Mother ease diaper covers. The Mother ease brand is MUCH better at containing leaks than the other two brands we tried early on. Once we switched to Mother ease, we did not consider using another brand again. The quality of the material and the velcro is amazing compared to the others.

My son just turned 2 and is the average size of a 3 year old. I like that Mother ease has larger sizes available. I am looking forward to graduating to the training diapers which are available in larger sizes as well.

Thanks so much, Mother ease has made staying with cloth diapering an easier choice.

– Mary


I recently ordered the Sandy Trial Package and love the absorbency and softness on my NB son. This is my second child to cloth diaper and we just discovered fitted cloth diapers and I love yours!

– Dodi


I recently bought two of the night time Bedwetter pull ups, and I have been really happy with them! Not a single leak or wet bed since we started using them. Which is better than I could say about disposable pull ups, it seemed they leaked every other night! I only wish I had got 3 because doing laundry every second day is a lot.

Thank you! Chloe


I’ve used many different types of cloth diapers–the Wizard Duo is by far, my favorite. I know it feels good against my baby’s skin and holds up beautifully, even at night. These diapers provide an excellent fit on him, and he’s a bit on the lean side, which can make finding ones that fit a challenge.

Thank you for making fabulous products! Addie


Dear Mother ease

I just want to say thank you for making such great waterproof nappy wraps. I had previously tried various cloth nappies and wraps but had a problem with moisture wicking out of the leg hole with almost all of them. I was on the verge of giving up using cloth nappies, when thankfully Wendy from The Nappy website recommended your wraps. She said “they just don’t wick moisture”, and she was right! I have never had a leak from either your Rikki or Airflow wrap. I love them!!

Thank you!!!

Best wishes, Fiona


My husband and I have been married 15 years, share 5 fabulous boys, and have come across a few products in our parenting years that we really stand behind. And believe me, there is a very short list.

Motherease fills the gap where most parents want to give up on cloth – nighttime. The Sandy’s are truely a workhorse diaper. It is the *only* diaper I would put on a new baby, so Motherease has a bit of an unfair advantage 🙂



We’ve recently started using our Wizard Duo’s (as our boy took a while to surpass 18 lbs!) and have been very happy with our ME Diapers! Thank you for such amazing products!



Dear Mother ease,

I used the Kind detergent on a particularly soiled load yesterday and it was terrific! It works better than Ivory Snow with less scent and a much nicer scent in general. I’m very pleased because even with shipping, Kind is also less expensive than Ivory Snow.

I will be ordering it again, in about 125 loads!



I used your diapers with my first son and LOVED them! I sing their praises to interested folks all of the time as a great system (with wool covers, worked perfect for us!).

– Beth


My daughter has had a nonstop rash for months. I have tried microfleece liners, different brands of disposables, rash cream, etc, nothing has helped much. The microfleece helped her not wake up the second she wet but she always got bright red. I recently bought one pack of your stay dry liners and they are amazing. Her bottom is so happy, Thank you Mother ease!

Megan P.


Dear Mother-ease,

You have allowed me to keep cloth diapering! I say this because I was ready to give up on cloth. Being a previously disposable family I had lots of those chemical solutions around. But, getting chemicals off of my families bodies is something that is important to me. My previous experience with cloth diapers has been complicated, very time consuming and filled with leakage, wet baby skin and laundry. Never the less I was trying my best to stick with it because I was proud to be able to keep diaper waste out of the landfills. After one day of trying the Mother-ease Wizard Duo I was hooked. I was told I would be able to take my daughter out shopping for a couple hours without the need for a diaper change due to wetness. They were right! Multiple hours and 2 car seat rides without hunting for a bathroom was wonderful, and her skin was dry! Next I was told this style of diaper would also do her through the night… this one I would have to test for myself. They were right, of course! The design of the diaper has even my husband using them which is something new. It is very easy to see that these wonderful diapers were designed by a mother! They are a functional and a very well thought out product. Babies were kept in mind with the exceptional fit and stay dry technology. It has been a pleasure to deal with Mother-ease- fantastic customer care!

Thank you for introducing me to what “Leak Free” cloth diapering is all about.

Lindsay K.


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the great quality diapers that you make. Your diapers are the only ones that I have found that are actually leak-proof. Every other diaper that I have ever tried on my two children, wether disposable or cloth, has leaked either up the back or through the legs. I tend to have long thin babies and most diapers just don’t work. I can even use your diapers through the night and have never had a problem.



Thank you for providing such wonderful diapers and service! My heavy wetter and power-colon son has yet to leak or explode through your diapers. I”m so pleased to use these, and when a friend is looking for effective, cute, and affordable fitteds, I always point them in your direction.



We’ve been using your cloth diapers for seven years, (four kids) and love them! If it weren’t for the simplicity of use and lack of leakage we would have given up on cloth diapers. At times when we had to use disposables there were multiple occasions of leakage, mostly poop… yuck.

I have recommended your cloth diapers to every Mom who is interested in cloth and will continue to do so.

Again, thank you for making our lives a little easier.

– Suzanna


Dear Mother-Ease,

I would like to take this time to personally thank you for providing quality products that not only consider the health of baby but also the environment. I have used your Bamboo Terry one size diapers on my son from birth to potty training and can honestly say my diapers still look amazing and knowing I haven’t contributed to the landfill makes me feel even better in my decision to cloth diaper.

– Kim


Just wanted to say how great I think your diapers are! I’m so happy to have just discovered them! I think they are pretty much perfect in regards to fabric quality, workmanship, fit and function, and price point. I’ve tried so many of the fancy expensive diapers and been less than thrilled. And they have not held up through multiple washings and wearings. But with the Mother-ease one size diapers and the Sandy’s we have been so pleased. We still use prefolds too and love them but we are wishing the money we wasted on fancy big name diapers could’ve been used to buy more Mother-ease!

I’ll continue to be a loyal Mother-ease customer. Kelly


Dear Mother-ease,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your diapers. I first heard of them through my birthing teacher in 2003. She had used the One Size diapers for her first child and was using the same ones for her second. She showed me how easy they were to use, and I was sold!

Here I am, 7 years later, expecting my fourth baby, and still using Mother-Ease Diapers! Of course, the ones I bought 7 years ago have gone to diaper heaven, but I did use them for my first two children.

I just purchased more for the new baby and some large covers for the toddler. I absolutely LOVE your diapers and recommend them to anyone who comments on them or is interested in using cloth diapers. I have tried MANY other brands, and yours is (by far) the best in quality, ease of use, durability, and leak prevention. The prices are reasonable, too!

I also recommend the biodegradable diaper liners – they make cleaning poopies a breeze! I ordered them for the first time this spring, and, boy, do I wish I would have ordered them sooner!

Needless to say, if I were having more children after this one, I would definitely continue to buy more Mother-Ease! I am definitely a long-term customer, and will continue to recommend your products long after this last baby is out of diapers.

– C. Ogle


I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your diapers. I have a 1yr old son, and they fit him so well. I have tried a little of most everything that you offer, and I love it all.

I also wanted to say that your customer service is fantastic. This summer I was down visiting in Virgil, and had talked about going to your warehouse store in St. Catharines for ages and ages. Unfortunately due to really crummy time constraints I was never able to make it in. But I did happen to phone, and they offered to keep the store open past closing time in order for me to make it in. Much to my dismay, I couldn’t get back in time. But I am so grateful that it was offered. Hopefully one day Ill be able to go back and make it to the store!

Luckily I’ve found a retailer in Saskatoon that carries your products, and I run in there every so often for a new purchase.

Just wanted to say thanks! And great job offering such wonderful diapering products.  S. Haviland


I just received my Trial offer and I had to write you a little note. I’m AMAZED by the quality of this product! I’ve tried a lot of products and your diaper is far superior to everything I own. The cloth diapers are soft and thick, but not bulky. The snap in liner is a great idea, as the diaper grows, so does the need for absorbency and the solution snaps right in. the placement of the snaps is really clever, it really will fit all sizes. I like having snaps instead of Velcro: they don’t get stuck on other items in the wash, they don’t chafe my daughter’s legs, and she can’t get her diaper off. As soon as we get a little $$$ together, I want to buy one of your package deals.

Thank you for understanding what mothers want and babies need.

– K. Walters


Thank you for making cloth diapering EASY!!!

I am the mother of four children, and for years have tinkered with cloth diapers; however, I have always gone back to disposables. But no longer – thanks to Mother-ease I am now a cloth (Mother-ease) only mom, and my fourth child is a Mother-ease baby.

Last year I began to feel strange about all of the chemicals in the disposables I was using, and I began to purchase cloth diapers to try. I was disappointed and felt like I was back in the stone age with all the mess and leaks – until I tried your cloth diapers and covers. I bought both the Sandy’s and One Size cloth diapers and the Velcro and Air Flow covers from your distributors. I prefer the Sandy’s and the Air Flow. They are the only system that can take a one year old through the night. They also hold in the liquid stools of a breast fed baby. I wish I had found Mother-ease before I tried anything else – I would have saved quite a bit of money. Right now I have 15 Sandy’s and 4 Air Flow covers that I use all the time. (I shutter when they are all dirty and I have to use something else.)

Thank you for superior products such as Sandy’s and Air Flow that make my life so much easier.

E. Ann Beaver


Dear Mother-ease,

I just wanted to thank you for providing moms, dads and babies with such a fabulous product. We love your Diapers! we bought a few other cloth diapers before we tried your sampler pack. It is clear that yours is the best by far. Until we got our latest order of a dozen Mother-ease diapers, we would save the one and only Mother-ease diaper for nighttime. Before our daughters bedtime, my husband would say, “should I put the Mercedes on the baby?” I told him the other day that the Mother-ease diapers aren’t the Mercedes of cloth diapers, they’re the Rolls-Royce. Thanks for a great product.

K. Crocker



I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and performance of your Air-rika (now Air Flow) cover. You can add me to your list of customers who say “I wish I had known about these sooner.” I could have saved myself even more money.

I am looking forward to trying the One Size diaper on my daughter.

Thanks for providing such excellent cloth diaper products.

R. Hayes


I would like to thank you for the prompt and generous shipment of your sample packet. Our organization begins a new series of prenatal classes every two weeks, and your products will be displayed in class eight of each series. We are noticing a trend toward cloth diapers again among our clients and I am certain you will receive orders from them. I plan to attach a testimonial to the sample stating that I find the One Size diapers vastly superior to any other cloth diaper I know of.

On a personal note, I have enclosed an order for myself—I was unaware that there are liners for your diapers and as my youngest is now 18 months, I will make good use of them. Thanks again,

J. Allan, CBE


It is a great pleasure of mine to write this review of the Mother-ease Duo System. We simply love every aspect of using this cloth diaper system.

My cloth diapering journey began when my first child was around 7 months old. I had a great desire to make a better effort to reduce our diaper garbage as well as avoid having my son where plastic diapers that are filled with chemicals.

A friend of mine had been using some all in ones from Kushies. I decided to give them a try. I felt that these were a great introduction to helping me understand the benefits of cloth diapering, but I encountered problems with the all in ones, including leakage – especially at night. This unfortunately, led me to having to resort to disposables at night. Another friend suggested pocket diapers. Again, I ran into issues with leakage and the waterproofing on the covers did not last long. Like the all in ones, the cover waterproofing seemed to decrease after about 6 months leaving me with having to look into spending more money to buy all new diapers. Luckily, my first child was out of diapers early, but I was determined to find a better cloth diaper solution for my second child.

For the first three months of #2’s life, I paid for a diaper service that used Mother-ease covers. I did some research about Mother-ease, and was happy to know they were a local business in my area. I took a trip to the store front and I decided to invest in their trial of the Duo System when it came time to stop the diapering service. I am so glad I found the Duo System!

This is why I love this system.

The Duo System has three different types of diapers to choose from. I have tried the unbleached cotton, bamboo and the synthetic day as well as the synthetic night. They have all met and in some ways exceeded my expectations, whether I am using them at home, out for the day, or while away traveling. Some of the specific ‘loves’ I have for this system include having a cloth diaper that will keep my baby dry for 12 hours+ at night and no leakage from the covers that surround the insert. The wisely designed if cover fits snug around the waist and the legs allowing for excellent coverage and containment of even the messiest of situations. I also really appreciate the materials used in the inserts as well as the design of how the inserts fit into the diaper cover. The inserts snap easily in and can be taken out very quickly as well. The cover can then be laid to dry and used again without washing as long as it is not soiled.

It has been 1 year since I started using the Duo System and there is really nothing I can say I don’t like about using this system. I look forward to using the Duo for the rest of baby #2’s diaper life as well as for other children that may come along. If you are looking to start cloth diapering or if you are considering switching from your current cloth diapering system, try the Duo System from Mother-ease! This system makes cloth diapering a breeze 🙂

Tara Harding


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