Leak-free Cloth Diapering Systems Since 1991!


Makes Cloth Diaper Clean Up a Breeze!



  • Biodegradable, alcohol-free, chemical-free and fragrance-free
  • Large coverage to keep messy movements on the liner and off your cloth diaper
  • Keeps creams off your diaper
  • Prevents stains by keeping poop of your cloth diaper
  • Made of velvety soft bamboo
  • Easy access from 100-sheet roll

Use & Disposal

Place bamboo diaper liner into the diaper next to baby’s skin. Do not fold liner. Close cloth diaper and cover, ensuring liner is tucked inside


  • For newborns and small babies, liner can be folded in half.
  • Upon changing the diaper, use the liner to help clean and remove and extra mess
  • Flush or compost
  • Wet liners can be disposed of in the garbage