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Absorbent Boosters


You’ve received your first set of diapers and there’s an unfamiliar rectangular item inside. They’re likely absorbent boosters, also referred to as absorbent liners or inserts.

What are they:

An absorbent booster is a rectangular pad, typically 3 layers thick that “boosts” the absorbency of a cloth diaper.

When to use:

The absorbent booster is used when you plan to leave the diaper on for a longer period of time. This could be a nap, long car ride or through the night.

Your newborn will not require a booster because the diaper will be absorbent enough for day and night time use. Mother ease recommends starting to use an absorbent booster around 6 months of age.

Fabric options:

Available in both natural and synthetic fabric options. The natural ones are naturally absorbent and your baby will feel the wetness. The synthetic (Stay Dry) ones will wick the wetness away from your baby’s skin keeping them comfortable and dry!

Booster-AccessHow to use:

There are two ways to use an Absorbent Booster. First, lay it on top of the absorbent diaper, directly against your baby’s skin OR lay it between the absorbent diaper and the waterproof cover (All in Two Diapering Systems).

Pocket Diapers – you can either lay it on top OR stuff them inside the pocket.

Note: Pocket diapers require boosters all the time and can be unpleasant to unstuff!

Which diapering systems require absorbent boosters?

All of them – but not until your baby can soak through their diaper. We recommend starting to use a booster at 6+ months of age.

Note: You should not need more than 2 absorbent liners inside a diaper. If you experience leaks with more than 2, chances are your waterproof cover is to blame and NOT the amount of absorbency!

Are you already using absorbent boosters? If so, which fabric type do you prefer best?

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