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Ask Erika: Can I cloth diaper without a diaper pail and sprayer?

Can I cloth diaper without a diaper pail and sprayer?



I’ve been cloth diapering part time and love it, but I don’t have a spray or pail system. Could I just use string clips and a garbage pail from a regular store? Is a sprayer necessary? I usually try and use liners. If so, which sprayer is the easiest to use?




If you think back to when our parents and grandparents were using cloth diapers, you can imagine that they didn’t have all the fancy gadgets that we have now and seemed to manage just fine! That being said, you can make your cloth diapering experience as convenient as you want to.

The Mother ease diaper pail and diaper sprayer are accessories that we definitely recommend to all parents who are looking to cloth diaper, as they make your routine so much easier. Many parents who are contemplating using cloth are initially deterred by the “ick factor” that’s often associated with cloth diapering. With a diaper pail and/or mesh bag, and a diaper sprayer you essentially take that away. If you’re someone who isn’t easily scared off by having to touch some soiled diapers, then you could get by without using these.

The reason Mother ease offers a designated diaper pail instead of using just your average garbage pail is that our diaper pail is breathable. If you’re going to be washing your diapers every other day (and we don’t recommend leaving them much longer than that), then you will want some air flow to deter the growth of bacteria and mold inside your pail. You could use a basic garbage pail and leave the lid off – but that would cause your bathroom to be quite stinky, and then you would have to use the dry pail method only as to not run the risk of your child climbing inside the pail that is half filled with water. Our diaper pail is secured with two handles – keeping children out and the carbon filter naturally eliminates any smell!

Our Mother ease diaper pail also has the option of coming with a breathable mesh bag as well. This bag works well if you have a front-loading washing machine as it allows you to simply throw in the entire mesh bag full of diapers into your machine and the diapers will agitate out during the wash (otherwise, you’re reaching into your pail and grabbing your dirty diapers to toss them into your machine). It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! You don’t even have to touch a dirty diaper once it goes in your pail! If you have a top loading machine you don’t need the mesh bag, you can simply dump your diapers in the top of the machine.

Using a diaper sprayer will allow you to spray the poop off your diapers into your toilet without having to get too close. Again, this is where that “ick factor” comes in. If poop doesn’t scare you, you can do the dunk-and-flush method where you dunk your diaper into the toilet water, and swish it around to get the poop off and then flush it down the toilet. Another way is to dedicate a spatula to your cloth diaper clean up and use that to scrape the poop into the toilet and then flush it down.

If you choose to use a diaper sprayer, the sprayer that we offer easily connects to the water supply at your toilet and hangs on the side of the tank. You can connect it yourself, a plumber isn’t needed and it comes with complete instructions on how to do so. Once connected, it’s as simple as turning the valve on and spraying away! (We do recommend turning the valve off when you’re done spraying so that should you have a curious toddler, they don’t decide to have a waterfight in your bathroom -HAHA!)

If you’re deciding to go sans-sprayer, there are a few ways you can make cleaning up the poop a little easier on yourself:

  1. You can choose to go with our Stay Dry fabric, which makes cleaning up poop a breeze. This fabric is much smoother compared to a Bamboo or Cotton, so the poop essentially slides right off.
  2. You can lay one of our Flushable Bamboo Liners into your diaper and then simply flush the poop and the liner down the toilet. Our Flushable liners are 100% biodegradable and flush-safe!
  3. Breastfed poop is water soluble and doesn’t need to be cleaned off your diaper before laundering. So, if you’ve decided to breastfeed, you don’t have to worry about the poop clean up at all! YAY!

Ultimately, you need to decide what’s most important to you in your cloth diapering venture. Is it convenience? Cost? Environmental impact? Health benefits? If you’re most concerned about convenience and can’t stand the thought of handling all of the poop that’s associated with cloth diapering, then you won’t want to skip out on the diaper sprayer or the diaper pail. If you’re not worried about getting your hands dirty, as long as you’re decreasing waste in landfills and keeping your baby’s bottom as healthy as can be, then there are other options available to you.

The most important thing is that we continue to grow our Cloth Diaper Community and have an enjoyable, leak-free diapering experience!

If you have a question you’d like answered, contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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