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Ask Erika: Cloth Diaper ‘Safe’ Creams

I’m using a ‘cloth diaper safe’ cream but still having leaks. Why?

Cloth Diaper wicking onto pantsQ:

I am using a diaper cream that is cloth diaper safe, but suddenly my diapers are leaking. Could the cream be the problem?


We always recommend using some sort of liner (either a disposable bamboo liner, or a reusable liner) when you want to use a diaper cream, to make sure the cream doesn’t affect the diaper’s absorbency.

Diaper creams are more likely to have a negative effect on a synthetic diaper than a natural one (such as bamboo or cotton). If there is build up, liquid takes a bit longer to penetrate the fabric and could roll off before it has time to penetrate.

Diaper creams that claim to be cloth diaper ‘safe’ still have some sort of carrying agent (the part that holds the effective ingredients) such as olive oil, Shea butter etc. These fats will dissolve in hot water but they key is you really need to have hot, hot water.

If you are having trouble after using a cream, try running the water at a tap close to your washing machine until the water runs as hot as possible, then start your diapers on a hot wash. This will ensure the water entering your machine is already hot. Dry your inserts and then try using a liner with diaper creams and see if the problem goes away.Convex pocket diaper

One more thing to consider: your diaper should have a concave shape to it, to help keep the liquid inside the diaper, absorb more quickly and reduce leaks. If your diapers have a convex shape and build up from diaper creams, the liquid will roll off towards the legs before having a chance to absorb. And that can cause the diaper to leak.

Read our previous post about the top two reasons cloth diapers leak.

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~ Erika


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