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Ask Erika: Drying Cloth Diapers

Should I only dry my cloth diapers on low heat?

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I’ve heard from other cloth diapering mama’s I shouldn’t dry my diapers in high heat, but my inserts take forever to dry on low heat and if they don’t dry fully, they end up smelling. I line dry my covers year-round, but what’s your recommendation for ensuring my fitteds and Wizard Duo inserts dry fully during the cold months when line-drying isn’t an option?



While we always recommend line-drying your diapers (to ensure their longevity), we understand that those of you who have to deal with cold winters need other drying options during those months.

All of our products are manufactured for commercial use (ie. diaper services) so they can withstand high heat temperatures. That being said, any product being exposed to more vigorous, hotter temperatures will wear out sooner.

If you are going to dry your diapers in your dryer, we recommend using a medium heat setting. Typically, our diapers and inserts on a medium heat setting will dry in one cycle. If you’re drying our Bedwetter Pant, however, you will likely need a second cycle, as this product has so much absorbency, it will take longer to get all the moisture out. If your diapers and inserts are not fully dry, they will have a smell to them – this is true of any fabric. If you find that even on a medium heat setting, your diapers and liners are still coming out damp, be sure to check your lint catcher. A full lint catcher will hinder your dryers’ ability to work effectively.

Covers can be easily line-dried inside during cold months. If you want to throw them in the dryer, we recommend using a low heat setting because they dry so quickly. They can withstand the medium heat setting if you choose to dry your diapers and covers together, however, the waterproofing on your diaper cover will last the longest if line dried.

In a perfect world, we would all live in Florida and line-dry our cloth all year long! You can rest assured, however, that in the real world, we use the absolute best material and finishings for our diapers to make your cloth diapering experience as easy as possible.

If you have a question you’d like answered, contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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