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Ask Erika: Essential Oils In The Wash

Essential Oils in the Wash?


We use dryer balls and I’ve read you can add a few drops of essential oils to the wool to add a nice perfume to your laundry. Is this OK when drying Sandys fitteds and Wizard Duo inserts?


We do not recommend any oils be added to your dryer. You don’t want the oils to transfer to the absorbent portion of diaper system because it could cause them to become repellent (causing leaks). You can, however add a few drops of oils to your wash if you are doing a load of covers only. Essential oils will have no ill effect on covers.

My question for you is, why do you want to add the oils? Are you looking to mask the smell of an unclean diaper?

If you are dealing with ammonia or ‘barn yard’ smells when your diapers are soiled it means something is wrong with your wash routine.

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  • I agree with this answer. Definitely, don’t add any oils to your dryer.

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