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Ask Erika: Help! My baby keeps undoing their diapers!

Help! My baby keeps undoing their diapers!



What do we do when baby’s favorite game is to remove their diaper? They pull until part of the snaps are gone. Velcro can’t be used. What can we do? I would like to see the patterns on the diapers, it’s part of why I wanted to use cloth.


Ahh yes, there usually comes a time when your baby will become a professional escape artist. At first, you might be thinking “this is impressive!” or “my baby is so smart!” and then you will find a puddle of pee or a clump of poo somewhere in your living room, and suddenly it’s not so impressive anymore.

So, when this stage is upon you, how do you keep your little one in their diaper? Velcro® is the first thing you will ditch as it’s the easiest for babies to get out of. Plastic snaps are definitely harder to undo, but as you moms know, babies get smarter and stronger!

Unfortunately, once your child is able to undo the plastic snaps, your only option is to cover up the diaper to keep them from getting at it. Sometimes, you even have to zip that onesie on backward at night to keep them in!

This is a little disappointing when you want to show off those cute cover prints (let’s face it, the cute factor is definitely one of the benefits of cloth diapering!). You can, however, find peace in knowing that you are still saving money, the environment and providing your baby with a healthier option by using cloth.

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One Response to “Ask Erika: Help! My baby keeps undoing their diapers!

  • J Marlow
    6 months ago

    There’s an easy and inexpensive solution. I snap the diapers very snug so they won’t slip over our toddlers’ waists. Then used nylons with runs in them are slipped on over the diaper. There is a lot of extra nylon at the top but that doesn’t matter. I can still put a pullover shirt on them and they have yet to have any success in getting their diapers off. In fact, at least once a day I hear one of the babies whining and when I find him I see he’s pulling on the nylon and diaper trying to get them off. Most of the time we put body suits on the toddlers but they have been smart enough to figure out how to unsnap them at the crotch. The nylons still thwart their efforts into getting their diapers off.

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