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Ask Erika: How long can I leave a cloth diaper on my baby?

Ask Erika: How long can I leave a cloth diaper on my baby?



On average, how long can I leave the cloth diaper on? Should I make sure to change right after a poop?


The more often you change your baby’s diaper, the better. It doesn’t matter whether you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. The dryer you keep your baby’s skin, the healthier it will be, thus reducing the incidence of a rash occurring.

Cloth diapers lend themselves very well to that end as it really doesn’t cost you any extra – once you own your diapers – to keep your baby as dry and happy as you want.

However, keeping baby perfectly dry isn’t always practical or possible. For example, a long nap or car drive or a trip to the store. Even in times when a diaper change isn’t practical (other than night or nap time), you would want to change your baby every two to three hours to keep their skin healthy. For very sensitive babies, you may want to reduce that time a bit.

The innovation of the Stay Dry fabric in cloth diapers makes those impractical changing times a little easier by allowing the wetness to move through to the core of the diaper, keeping the baby feeling comfortable and dry – promoting healthy skin. You still want to be sure to change when possible, but this fabric is great for nights and naps so you don’t have to change your baby throughout the night! This fabric’s ability is especially important for children with sensitivities, as you have less of a chance of rash because that “one” time you couldn’t change immediately doesn’t matter as much.

Following a poop the diaper should, in all circumstances, be changed as soon as possible. No exceptions. Human feces contain bacteria and that will aggravate the baby’s skin so as to cause a rash. The longer a dirty diaper is left unchanged, the more the bacteria will aggravate.

The number of times you will need to change your baby per day will change as your baby grows. These inconvenient changing times will lessen as your baby gets older and soils their diaper fewer times throughout the day. All in all, you want to keep your baby as dry as possible!

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