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Ask Erika: How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?




I’m new to this whole cloth diapering scene, and I’m not sure how many diapers I need to switch to cloth full time. I notice you offer many different sized packages, do you have a recommended number of diapers that a mom should have for full-time diapering, one child?


This is a great question!

First, you need to consider the age of your child. A newborn baby will go through 10 – 12 diaper changes per day, while your toddler may only go through 6-8 diaper changes per day. So, at which stage are you beginning your cloth diapering venture?

For full-time cloth diapering, Mother ease recommends having 24 cloth diapers for a newborn and 12 to 18 cloth diapers for a toddler. This allows for laundering every 2 to 3 days. With a two-step cloth diapering system, (Prefolded diapers, Fitted diapers, and All in Two diapers) you will need about 4-6 waterproof diaper covers for 24 cloth diapers, as you can reuse your cover 3 to 4 times before having to launder them.

Mother ease offers five convenient packages for parents, making it easier for you by pairing the correct number of diapers, covers and absorbent liners together.

Choose from:

Trial Package – allow parents to “test drive” any one of our cloth diaper systems to see why we’re the best!  Each Trial Package has a built-in discount and FREE SHIPPING!  Wash, use, and fall in love with cloth diapering.

6 Diaper Package – this is our “starter” package. It gives parents a great idea of what cloth diapering is!

12 Diaper Package – we refer to this package as our “part-time” package. For parents that want to use cloth and disposables together.

24 Diaper Package – this is our “complete” package. Providing all of the diapers, absorbent liners, and covers needed to cloth diaper your baby.

36 Diaper Package – this is our “convenience” package. It isn’t necessary, just more convenient for parents by adding an extra 12 diapers to postpone your laundry by yet another day!

Now that we’ve briefly explained our different packages, let’s talk for a minute about the maximum amount of diapers you should have. I know what you’re thinking – “WHAT? There’s a limit to how many adorable cloth diapers I can buy?!” It sounds weird, but essentially, yes. The reason we do not offer a diaper package larger than our 36 package, is because soiled cloth diapers should not sit more than two days without being laundered. As soiled diapers sit in your diaper pail, the bacteria continues to multiply, making them much harder to get clean with each day that passes. The more diapers you have, the easier it is to go more days without washing, therefore, we recommend you have a maximum of 36 cloth diapers in your stash – to reduce the temptation!

Now that you know how many diapers you should have, take our diaper selector quiz to find out which diapering system is best for you!


If you have a question you would like answered, contact us! We’re always happy to help.

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