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Baby shower fun with cloth diapers

Diaper cakes don’t have to be disposable

During one of our meetings somebody mentioned there wasn’t a fun way to present cloth diapers at a baby shower.

We’ve all seen the different versions of diaper cakes out there. Not only are they adorable but the mom-to-be can tear them apart and use all the products once baby arrives.

Unless you want to use cloth diapers.

Well, why not have your cake and eat it too? Cloth diapers have an upfront cost that can be daunting, so we know parents who have decided they want to use cloth would be overjoyed to receive a full pack of diapers.

We decided to get a little crafty and come up with a couple cute ways to present that gift. Whether it’s a gift from one generous person or a fun group gift, these are sure to make a cloth diapering mom-to-be smile.

The cloth diaper cake


For a more traditional diaper cake we used our Sandy’s cotton fitted diapers (because they come in so many cute colors) and our cloth baby wipes (also available in several colors).

The ruffles on the Sandy’s create an ‘icing’ effect far more than a disposable could! We just rolled everything up and secured it with a ribbon.

Set this up as the centrepiece on the gift table and get ready for some “awwww”s followed by some “oh my goodness! Is that cloth diapers?!”

The cloth diaper caterpillar

The Cloth Diaper Caterpillar


Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar is a classic children’s book and makes for a great baby shower theme. It was the inspiration for this cute critter made of Mother ease Wizard Duo covers (don’t forget to wrap up the inserts).

More ideas

We’ve spotted a few other ideas on Pinterest that could easily be transformed into cloth diaper gifts:

onesie cupcake pic

thenerdswife.com’s onesie cupcakes

imperfecthomemaking.com’s diaper wreath would be so cute if you substituted in colourful Sandy’s fitteds.

Have you done anything cute to present a cloth diaper gift? We want to see it!

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