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Busting Cloth Diaper Myths: “But it’s too Hard!”



You have a baby on the way – maybe your first, maybe your fourth – and you’ve decided cloth diapering is the system for you and you’re considering cloth diapering. Prepare yourself; you are soon going to be bombarded with unsolicited advice and facts, much of which just isn’t true. For some reason, whether people have used cloth diapers or not, everyone has an opinion and everyone has heard a myth they are eager to spread.

With so much information coming at you from every angle, it’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t. Fear not – our new blog series, Busting Cloth Diaper Myths, will tackle these myths one by one so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Today’s Myth: “Cloth Diapers are too hard to use”

With a baby on the way, life is about to get a lot more hectic and once baby is here, you’ll be looking for ways to make things easier, not harder. For some reason, people are convinced that cloth diapering is a complicated process that will just make parenthood too hard. We’re not sure why this myth surfaces, but if you give it a try, you will find out that cloth diapering is no more trouble than anything else.

We’ve come a long way

Gone are the days of folding and pinning cloth diapers — they are easier than ever! Now, cloth diapers come in fitted sizes or one-size-fits-all and are equipped with snaps and elastic to make sure they fit your baby perfectly. Duo (or two-piece) diapers have an outer, waterproof layer and an inner absorbent layer that easily snaps in and out, meaning there is no adjusting and the waterproof layer doesn’t have to be washed after every use.

You can still leave the house with cloth

Have you heard, “Cloth diapers are great at home, but what will you do when you are out of the house?” The answer is easy: “I will change my baby as he or she needs to be changed.” The truth is, diapering is diapering and as long as you are prepared with extra cloth diapers and a bag to bring soiled diapers home, you will be just fine. In fact, sometimes it can be easier than disposables. Now, you won’t have to find an appropriate garbage to dispose of the diaper, you just pop it in your wet bag and continue on your way.

The extra laundry isn’t so bad

With a baby, the amount of laundry you do is going to increase, cloth diapers or not. So with that in mind, throwing a load of cloth diapers in really isn’t much added work. And remember, the washing machine does all the work for you. If you work washing your diapers into your routine right from the start, including throwing them in the machine, and tossing them into the dryer or hanging to dry, then reassembling your diapers (if you have chosen a Duo style), it won’t be intimidating at all. And with the right cloth diaper, you will have fewer blowouts, which means less mess and fewer stains on baby’s clothing!

There is no reason to let the myths of cloth diapering scare you away. So don’t let everyone else’s opinions change your mind. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly, healthy, cost effective and easy. Check back often; we’ll continue to dispel more cloth diaper myths and validate your decision!

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