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Cloth Diapering 101: What to Look for in your All-in-Two Diapers



Finding the right diapering system is essential to enjoy cloth diapering.  You will be sure to stick with cloth diapering if you love your diaper — after all, when something works, it’s great; but when it doesn’t work, it’s easy to just give up. One of the easiest systems that has emerged in the last few years is the all-in-two or hybrid cloth diaper system. They make for an ideal compromise between convenience, functionality and cost, so to help you see why they are a growing favorite let us help guide you through what to look for when considering an all-in-two system.

What is an All-in-Two diaper?

All-in-two cloth diapers are two-piece cloth diapers that consist of a waterproof diaper cover on the outside and an inner absorbent diaper insert. Usually, the inner is laid directly on top of the cover and snapped into place then put on your baby. This way, only the inner absorbent diaper insert needs to be changed and washed and the cover can be reused for many changes. Usually, after parents wash the cloth diaper, they will assemble the cloth diaper inserts and covers so that when it’s time for a change, the diaper is ready to go, making changing a snap.

Why should you choose an All-in-Two diaper?

It’s easy to see why all-in-two diapers are constantly growing in popularity. To begin, they are a much more affordable system than in all-in-one cloth diaper system. Because the inner diaper inserts cost less than the covers, you end up saving money by buying fewer diaper covers and more diapers. And, you no longer have to replace an entire diaper when a piece wears out, you can simply purchase one more cover or one more diaper insert, depending on what you need.

They are also much easier to use, since, as we mentioned above, you can assemble the diapers ahead of time. And because they are so much easier, they are one of the best systems to use if your child is in daycare.

All-in-two diapers are also much slimmer fitting than other styles, which means your baby can wear those trendy and adorable outfits without a big bubble bum!

What do you need in an All-in-Two diaper?

If you have decided that an all-in-two cloth diaper system is for you, it’s important to know what to look for and what you need to invest in to be successful. Plan on purchasing 24 cloth diaper inserts so that you have enough for a reasonable laundry routine — you don’t want to have to do laundry every single day! It used to be common practice to purchase 4 diaper covers to get your through your regular routine, but as all-in-two diapers grow in popularity, parents are finding that their routine is even easier with 6 covers.

When it comes to features of your all-in-two diaper, make sure you find a system with high-quality elastic — ideally on both the diaper insert and the cover to make sure the mess stays where it is supposed to. And while we are on the topic of containing the mess, make sure the diaper insert provides wide coverage. When the diaper insert stays spread over the entire diaper cover area, the cover stays clean, making your laundry routine easier. Many all-in-two systems have one center snap to keep the insert in place, but that does not keep the diaper from bunching up. Look for a cloth diaper that has a snap system that keeps the insert in place and spread across the entire cover. You’ll thank us for the advice when the poop stays in the insert and your cover stays clean!

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