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Cloth Diapering creates Community


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If you aren’t a cloth diaper user yet, you’ve probably noticed that cloth diapering mamas stick together. And for those cloth diapering parents out there, I know you are nodding in agreement — you have a community of like-minded mothers that you know you can talk to and rely on.

Don’t worry, the cloth community isn’t exclusive, we welcome new members! But why does the cloth diapering crowd stick together? We have some theories:

We need some support

When you first begin to cloth diaper, you need help. Even though cloth diapering is growing in popularity, it still isn’t completely mainstream, so you will have some questions about many aspects of the process. From finding the best cloth diapers for you, to how to care for your diapers to just getting a handle on the routine, you will greatly benefit from talking to someone who has been there.

We understand each other

When it comes to parenting, there are many issues that people don’t see eye-to-eye on, and that’s ok. But sometimes, you need to talk to someone who just gets you and knows where you’re coming from. Luckily, when you go to any cloth diapering forum, Facebook page or blog, you know you have one thing in common. You all have the same end goal when it comes to your diapering system and you can relate to each other, at least on this one point.

We like to share advice

Many parents love to give advice — it reaffirms that we know what we’re doing even if we sometimes feel a little lost. By advocating for cloth diapers and sharing your support to a like-minded community, we can help each other without the fear of coming across as bossy or being judged. We just want to connect and help when we can!

And so, if you are a parent trying to find a community to support you, understand you and help you, consider cloth diapering. It may be a new concept for you, but there are many of us around and we will welcome you to our ranks with open arms!



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