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Cloth Diapers and Your Baby’s Health: Preventing Diaper Rash



Choosing to use cloth diapers over disposables has numerous benefits: they are environmentally friendly, cost efficient and, best of all, healthy for your baby. We will explore the health benefits of cloth diapering with our series, Cloth Diapers and Your Baby’s Health.

Today we’re talking: How to Prevent Diaper Rash

The first time you see those sore little red bumps on your baby’s bum, it’s natural to worry. Questions like “How can I make this go away?” “How did my baby get this?” and “Does it hurt?” will likely run through your head. But it happens to the best of us and it isn’t your fault. Whatever is causing that uncomfortable rash is preventable and treatable.

Figure out the Cause

I’ll be honest; this sounds a lot easier than it is. Your baby’s rash could be caused by a number of things including: infrequent changes, diarrhea, friction, heat, yeast or fungus, food allergies, teething, irritants like creams or detergents and susceptibility. If you are having a difficult time narrowing down what has changed or what may be causing the rash, talk to your doctor. Regardless of what caused it, diaper rash is no reason to panic.

Some prevention measures

Change your baby more frequently

When it comes to the frequency of diaper changes, expect to have to check your newborn for wetness every hour. Older babies will usually feel damp within two hours. But if you think you are changing your baby often enough and you are still seeing a reaction, it may just be that your child is more sensitive to wetness. If this is the case, try to find a cloth diaper with a stay-dry liner that will wick moisture away from your baby’s sensitive skin.

Make sure your baby is dry

It may sound a little scary, but try to keep a diaper off your baby’s bum for a few minutes until your baby is completely dry after a changing. You want to make sure that any excess moisture from the wipes is completely dried and giving your baby’s bum a little time to breath is beneficial. Just remember to keep your baby on a waterproof mat.

You’re Already on the Right Track

By choosing cloth you are already on the right track. Disposable diapers trap and hold more moisture, which can lead to frequent diaper rashes. Cloth diapers are also made of natural fibres, which are much more breathable, allowing air flow, an essential diaper rash prevention measure.

And of course, once you have invested in good quality cloth diapers, you can change your baby as often as you feel is necessary and it doesn’t cost any extra. By keeping your baby very dry, you will easily be preventing diaper rash.

Diaper rash is a broad subject and this only scratches the surface. We have a lot to say about diaper rash, so consider this an introduction and watch our blog for more information as we dive deeper into this topic. Next, we will delve deeper into a few common irritants and how to avoid them.


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  • Irina johnson
    4 years ago

    I really liked your article. I also feel that cloth diapers are very cost effective. Not only that but my kid really feels comfortable and it does not cause any diaper rashes also. Thanks for the write up. it was informative!

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