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Cloth Diapers are Expensive!

Cloth Diapers are Expensive!


Considering one of the three main benefits of cloth diapering is cost savings, we are always so surprised to hear this comment. Yes, cloth diapering requires an upfront investment – which could make it seem more expensive – but over the 2.5 years of diapering you have ahead of you, choosing cloth will save you a bundle! Even just after your first child uses them! Tack on a few more babies through the same fluff (depending on your fabric choice, and how you care for them) and your savings are incredible!

I know we’ve walked you through this before, but let’s just break the savings down again.


As you can see, even if you choose the convenience of an All-in-Two system, you’re saving over ONE THOUSAND dollars by using cloth! The savings grow exponentially when you consider the second or third child too!

Depending on the fabric option you choose, and how you care for them, the absorbent diaper/insert could last you through all the children you plan to have! This means the only diapering expense you would have for your next children is the cost of new waterproof covers (and of course, the cost of laundry). As we’ve told you before, no waterproof cover lasts forever – read more about this here. That being said, plan to spend anywhere from $100 to $250 in new covers for your next child.

Did you catch that? Your entire diapering expense for baby #2 is around $250!! That is a savings of approximately $2250.00 compared to disposables!

Now think about this for a moment: your baby is going to spend ALL of their time in diapers, which makes your cloth diaper investment no less important than buying their crib, stroller, or car seat. With that in mind, it makes sense to invest in a quality, convenient, leak-free diapering system that will provide the comfort you want for your baby.

So, there you have it. The proof is in the numbers, mamas. Cloth diapering will save you thousands of dollars, and Mother ease will save you from leaks and blowouts too!

Still think cloth diapering is “too expensive”? Purchase one of our Trial Packages to see just how great our cloth really is, and receive a discount code to save some money on a diaper package!

Do you have any cloth diapering questions or concerns? Send them our way! We love to help!

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Natural fibers do eventually wear out, and because we have no control over how each customer launders his/her diapers, Mother ease does not state how long our cloth diapers will last for. From our experience, we do know that with a sufficient quantity of our cloth diapers which are cared for by following the Mother ease care instructions properly, parents will get one child through the same set of diapers.

Synthetic fabrics, like our Stay Dry Polyester, will also eventually wear out but do have a much longer lifespan.

That being said, through the 25+ years of manufacturing our diapers, many parents have shared with us that they have gone on to use the same set of diapers for many children, saving them thousands of dollars.

A little bit of bragging, in 2006 Erika Froese received a letter from a parent that used the same set of unbleached cotton diapers for all 6 of her children (8 years of constant use)!

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