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Cute clothes for cloth diapered kids

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Baby g in an outfit from Carter's over his Wizard Duo

Baby g in an outfit from Carter’s over his Wizard Duo

Let’s be honest; you can usually spot a cloth-diapered bum a mile away.

When I was first shopping around for cloth diapers, I was drawn to a diaper that promised a slim look that wouldn’t be noticed under clothes. What I ended up with was a full set of diapers that didn’t work and still created that big cloth-diapered butt (and I eventually gave up).

With my second child, I decided to go for function and made the switch to the Mother ease Wizard Duo and have come to love the look because I know my cloth diapers are going to work.

What I’ve come to find is there are plenty of cute fashions that fit with the extra cushion. In most clothes, you can size up to get proper coverage, but there are plenty of styles popular right now that work as-is.

The best part is a quality cloth diaper will keep those clothes looking cute by containing blowouts and leaks!

Here are some of my favorite fashions:

Sleepers and Rompers

When my kids were brand new I found pants to be constrictive, so I tended to keep them in sleepers 95% of the time. But it did feel like they were having a pajama party all day every day.

Now there are really cute rompers that take the look from night to day.

2016-7089                         mini-mioche-over-cloth-diapers

Left to right: baby g in a Mini Mioche french terry romper and the Mini Mioche biker romper

Mini Mioche always has a number of different rompers in their line-up in French terry, fleece, or jersey (all organic cotton & made in Canada). They’re cute, cozy and look comfortable. Plus there is tons of room to cover the cloth.

b-t-harem-romper                        brindille-and-twig-harem-romper

Left to right: two variations of the Brindille & Twig harem romper pattern complete

If you are a half-decent seamstress you can also sew your own rompers. I’ve seen moms personalize this harem romper pattern by Brindille & Twig in so many ways, and every variation would work perfectly with a fluff bum. Sewing your own (or having a good friend or family member do it for you) also gives you room to personalize the romper for a perfect fit.

summer-romper                         lelarina1986

Left to right: a summer romper I sewed for baby g, and an outfit styled by @lelarina1986  

This past summer, I also discovered this strappy summer romper – perfect for girls and boys. I actually bought a pattern and made my own for baby g. The back rise is high enough to fit over his Wizard Duo and the style is perfect. I love it! I’m even seeing some moms layering up the summer romper with thick tights and a long-sleeve shirt for a more wintery look and it’s so sweet.

romper with cloth diapers                         kk-and-boo-3

Left to right: two rompers by KK and Boo out of the UK

I also found these distinctively girly rompers in a small online shop out of the UK, KK and Boo. I love the old fashioned look of styles like these.

Back when these styles were first popular, all babies were in cloth diapers, so they are designed for cloth diapering families like yours!


This is another old-timey look, and I’m digging it! There are a number of cute styles for girls; some look like shorts, others just cover the diaper and some have a little skirt detail.

posh-kiddos-bloomers                         knit-bloomers

Left to right: velvet bloomers from Posh Kiddos and a sweet outfit from Petito in Norway 

I was going to say this is only for the girls, but then I found a woman named Rina on Instagram and a shop called Little Maggie Moo and they have me looking for a few pairs for my little guy.

The boy version of bloomers looks more like shorts that would fit perfectly over cloth and make me think of Prince George in his sweater vest and knee-high socks.

Rina lelarina1986 little-maggie-moo

Left to right: another outfit styled by @lelarina1986, her little guy in bloomers, and an outfit by Little Maggie Moo

It turns out there is a royal tradition behind the young prince in shorts.

“It’s a very English thing to dress a young boy in shorts,” William Hanson told Harper’s Bazaar UK. “Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas shorts on young boys is one of those silent class markers that we have in England.

“Although times are (slowly) changing, a pair of trousers on a young boy is considered quite middle class – quite suburban. And no self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be considered suburban. Even the Duchess of Cambridge.”

So you can style your boy in a cute pair of bloomers, hide the bulk of his diaper and appear Royal all at the same time!

Grow with me pants

coton-vanille                          coton-vanille-pic

Left and right: ‘evolutive’ pants by Coton Vanille

The Miniloones/Maxaloones style was designed with a cloth diaper in mind. There is an extra panel sewn in to provide more room where it is needed most. They are also designed to fit from 6 months to 36 months by rolling up or down the waist and leg cuffs.

They are also great for baby-wearing parents because of that extra room in the rump and the ability to roll down the bottom of the pants if they rise once the child is in position.

Harem pants

There are also styles for those of you who aren’t into the cutesy old-fashioned look. A dark harem pant, paired with a baggy shirt and a slouchy beanie makes for an adorable mini hipster – especially if you pair it with some cool kicks.

Electrik Kidz                         posh kiddos

Left to right: burgundy velvet joggers by Electrik Kidz and zipper joggers by Posh Kiddos

You can find a pair of harem pant to match almost any style you want.

I love these edgier looks by Montreal’s Electrik Kidz and Posh Kiddos out of Arizona. They look cool and comfortable at the same time!


Again, my aversion to restrictive pants led me to overalls with my son, and I quickly became obsessed. They are comfortable and practical and fit well over his cloth diapers. It’s a great look for boys or girls.

image1                         overalls with cloth diapers

Left to right: overalls and shirt from OshKosh B’Gosh and baby g in another pair of OshKosh overalls over his Wizard Duo

Wool longies

Whether they’re made of upcycled wool, wool interlock, or hand knit, they are always cute and a great option for a cloth diapering family.

I would put them over top of my Wizard Duos, but I think they would be another comfortable option for baby g.

long wool diaper covers                         knit wool diaper covers

Left to right: @ashleymarie9w‘s cutie pie in a pair of wool longies, and an adorable hand-knit pair of monster longies by Rossi Knitting Company

Little Henry Wyatt looks adorable in his wool pants (check out mom’s Instagram feed for more sweet pics) and I wish I was talented enough at knitting to whip up a pair of those adorable monster pants for baby g. I might have to just go buy a pair instead.

Dresses, skirts & tutus

This is obvious, I know but recently a friend of mine told me she is giving up on cloth diapers because she doesn’t like the look of it on her little girl now that she’s a full grown toddler running about. With my daughter that was the easy part – she would wear a dress or skirt every single day if I had enough.

The best part about cloth diapers is that you don’t have to buy bloomers to go underneath! Especially if you have a rainbow of solid-colored diaper covers in your stash.

skirt-and-socks                          Mother ease Air Flow Cover - Rainbow of colors

Left to right: big G in one of her many dresses and a rainbow of Mother ease Air Flow diaper covers

So I say, if you don’t like the look of tight leggings or jeans stretched over a cloth diaper, try a new style before you ditch your diapers! And know that other clothed diaper-loving parents like me smile when they see a big cloth bum waddling around, knowing you are part of our tribe.

Jennifer Madigan is a Canadian cloth-diapering, coffee-loving mother of two. She documents her adventures in parenting at www.mommystrying.ca

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