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Fitted diaper – what’s that?


Mother-ease-Sandys-Trim-Fit-Fitted-Diaper-Side-ViewThe term “fitted diaper” may not mean much to a new parent or parent-to-be researching cloth diapers.

Before disposable diapers or today’s modern cloth diapers became popular, flat rectangular cloths or square cloths were what was used to diaper a baby.  They were folded to suit the baby’s size, then pinned and then covered with a plastic or rubber pull-up pant or cover to prevent the diaper from leaking.

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s cloth diapering gained popularity due to an increase in awareness of environmental concerns.  To make cloth diapering more convenient manufacturers gave the diaper more shape.   Hook and loop (Velcro) closures or snaps were added to eliminate the need to pin and elastics were added to help contain solids; so it became a little “fitted” garment.  That is where the term derives from.  A separate diaper cover is still needed to prevent the diaper from leaking.

The term “fitted” doesn’t, by definition, describe the style of diaper anymore since most diapers have elastics at the waist and some sort of closure system. However, “fitted” is still widely used to describe a diaper without an attached cover.

More manufacturers are better differentiating this style of diaper by calling it a “two-step,” “two-piece,” or “two-part” diapering system.  Two step, because it is a diaper that requires a separate cover to make the system waterproof.

Mother ease offers three types of fitted diapers: the Sandy’s fitted, Sandy’s trim fit, and Mother ease One Size. You can read more about them here.

Pros and Cons of a fitted diaper:


• Because these diapers have elastic at the waist and legs, there is great containment.

• Requires the least amount of waterproof covers and is, therefore, more economical.

• Closes with either snaps or Velcro®.

• The waterproof cover is not attached, so you get great longevity with a one-size option.

• These are very absorbent diapers, often touted best for night time, nap times or longer car rides.


• These diapers require the use of a separate waterproof cover.

• Depending on the absorbancy of the diaper, they may take longer to dry after washing.

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More information on the different diaper systems available can also be found in our Guide to Cloth Diapering – Cloth 101

Mother-ease-Sandys-Fitted-Diaper-12-Diaper-PackageOne-Size-Fitted-Diaper-Unbleached-CottonSandys fitted diaper snapped around newborn baby

Left to right: Sandy’s diaper 12 pack, Mother ease One Size fitted diaper and Erika’s first granddaughter in a newborn Sandy’s fitted diaper.

What are moms saying?

Here are some reviews from moms who use Mother ease fitted diapers on their babies:

THANK YOU, Mother-Ease, for making these magical One-Size diapers. After trying several types and brands with our first baby 10 years ago, we found that these (along with Air Flow covers) are the VERY BEST money can buy.  Our first set was used through two kids, for six years, with zero — read that, ZERO — leaks or blowouts. We treated ourselves to a new, colorful stash last week when our youngest outgrew his Sandy’s. And this afternoon, when he had a spectacularly-explosive breastfed baby poo, I was reminded again how glorious that thick cloth binding is. Nothing on his clothes, nothing on his cover. THANK YOU, again, from a homeschooling mom of 3 boys who enjoys wearing baby poo-free clothing all day. ~ Hilary ‘Fraser’ Fiskeaux

We’ve been using your diapers since we came home from the hospital – and almost 4 months later, we have never had a leak or blowout!! Mother ease fitted diapers are the best – and we’ve tried almost all of the premium brands with our older children. We discovered Mother ease with our second, who was an extreme heavy wetter with ultra sensitive skin. All her rashes and leaks stopped once we found the Sandy’s fitteds, so we knew we only wanted to use Mother ease with the twins on the way!  No troubleshooting needed – we love both the Mother ease one-size fitteds and the Sandy’s fitteds. The airflow cover looks poofy but smooshes under clothing perfectly and gives ventilation that prevents any irritation for baby. We love classic cotton and the oh-so-cozy bamboo fabrics even more!  Thanks for making an excellent product. With newborn twins, it’s been fabulous to have ONE area that is as easy as can be! ~ Alexandra Hunt

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