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Go Toxin-Free with Cloth Diapers: Dioxins have got to Go



When there is a new baby on the way, you are completely immersed in ensuring you are making the right choices to give your child the very best life. Of course, you want the best products that will contribute to the healthiest environment for your baby. But even though you are doing as much research as possible to keep your baby healthy, some things can sneak past you; it’s incredible how many toxins can be found in every day baby products, including disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers contain many different types of chemicals that can unknowingly contribute to various health concerns for babies. Most disposables contain Dioxins, TBT, Sodium Polycrylate, dyes and fragrances, among other things.

We want to make sure you are completely informed about what you are putting on your baby’s skin, so we’re bringing you our latest in a series Go Toxin Free with Cloth Diapers to let you know what you’ll find in disposables and why you don’t want that anywhere near your baby.

Today we’re talking why Dioxins have got to go

When you think of a disposable diaper, you picture a nice white nappy for baby. The truth is, the nice shade of white is a result of bleaching with chlorine dioxide, which results in a byproduct called dioxins. Dioxins are among the most toxic chemicals known to science and are highly carcinogenic chemicals. The dioxins off gas in to the air and leach into the disposable diapers. Why would you put that on your baby’s skin?

The dangers of dioxins

According to the World Health Organization, dioxin exposure can cause skin reactions, altered liver function and impede the development of the immune system, nervous system and reproductive functions. They have also been found to cause major hormonal imbalances and even contribute to cancer. Many babies are exposed to dioxins 24 hours a day, while wearing a disposable diaper. So, even though there is only a trace amount in the diaper, the prolonged exposure is not without the risk of dioxin winding up in your baby’s system.

Go Toxin Free

The best way to avoid your baby’s exposure to toxins is to avoid the use of disposable diapers entirely. Even in trace amounts, dioxin can harm our bodies — we are unable to metabolize it. Countries outside the U.S. have recognized the potential health risks posed by dioxins and have banned what has been called the most toxic substance ever produced. Although it hasn’t been proven just how much exposure is required for diseases to develop, it is known to be toxic in very small amounts.

The best way to protect your family from dioxins in diapers is to use cloth diapers that are completely toxin-free. Cloth diapers do not contain chemicals like chlorine dioxide that produce the harmful by-products that strip away good bacteria on the skin, change the pH balance of your baby and can ultimately lead to major health risks.

Cloth diapering is no harder than using disposable. But with the health risks associated with disposables the extra time to wash, dry and assemble cloth diapers is worth the peace of mind. By choosing cloth, you are choosing a healthy life for your baby.

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