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Happy Birthday Diaper-eez!


Happy Birthday Diaper-eez

For almost 20 years, Mother-ease has had a wonderful relationship with Diaper-eez, one of our cloth diaper retailers. Today, we are thrilled to be wishing Diaper-eez a very happy 19th birthday!

About Diaper-eez

Diaper-eez is an independent shop in Toronto’s Bloor West Village. They specialize in cloth diapers and other baby-related products for new and expecting families.

Established in 1994 by Elva McCurdy and her daughter Susan Tomaszewski, Diaper-eez strives to create a comfortable and educational environment for parents to learn about cloth diapers and other necessities. They have continued to stay true to their original vision for 19 years, offering in-store services like diaper talks, breast pump rentals and more.

Diaper-eez focuses on providing quality products to families, sourcing local and Canadian-made products as much as possible. Mother-ease is proud to be sold by Diaper-eez in their mission to make caring for baby easier with high-quality products.

Congratulations on your continuing success, Diaper-eez! Happy birthday!

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