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How Long do Mother ease Cloth Diapers Last?

How Long do Mother ease Cloth Diapers Last?



It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? If you’re investing x amount of dollars in a cloth diaper package, you want to know how long these diapers will last you. Makes sense, so I’m here today to give you the scoop.

As you know from our Expert Series, a cloth diaper can be broken down into 2 parts: 1 – an absorbent cloth diaper and 2 – the waterproof cover. How these two components are used together determines the style of diaper you have (ie. Prefolds, fitteds, pockets, AIO or AI2). If you’re brand new to the cloth diapering world, read our Guide to Cloth Diapering to learn more about how each style works and see what’s best for you.

The Absorbent Cloth Diaper

Our absorbent cloth diapers come in a few different fabric options. You can choose a natural fabric such as cotton or bamboo, or polyester, a synthetic fabric. Mother ease knows from our many years of manufacturing that our natural fabrics will last for many years. In fact, we receive testimonials frequently from parents that have used our diapers for their multiple children and even pass them along to friends and family afterward who continue to use them!

To get the same longevity, you will need a sufficient number of diapers and will need to care for them properly. Mother ease recommends you have at least 24 diapers for convenient, full-time cloth diapering, and not to use any harsh solvents on them. That being said, all natural fabrics will eventually wear out through the hundreds of washing and drying cycles they go through.

Synthetic fabrics are very high-tech these days and have many benefits to them. Our Stay Dry polyester fabric wicks away wetness into the core of the diaper and keeps your little one feeling dry even when their diaper is saturated. Synthetic fabrics also last a lot longer than natural fabrics (almost forever) but some parents aren’t keen on having polyester against their baby’s skin. Also, although synthetic fabrics sound like the best solution because of their longevity, they are more expensive.

The Waterproof Cover

The second part to any cloth diapering system is the waterproof cover. This is the part of the system that determines whether or not your diaper will leak. Unfortunately, waterproof covers do not last forever, and consequently, need to be replaced in order to keep your diapering system leak-free. Parents are typically able to use our waterproof covers for about a year (and sometimes longer), however, we warranty our covers for up to 6 months from the date of purchase.

For this reason, Mother ease recommends understanding your covers limits before investing in a diapering style that has the waterproof cover and absorbent diaper sewn together (ie. Pocket diapers + All in One’s). Once the cover expires, the entire diaper will leak – every time!

I hope this sheds some light on understanding the longevity you can get out of any cloth diaper system, and that it makes your decision a little easier as to what diapering system to invest in.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the world of cloth diapering, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Please comment below, or chat with us!

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7 Responses to “How Long do Mother ease Cloth Diapers Last?

  • I was given your cloth diapers from a friend when I had my first daughter. They were already 5 years old and had been used on two kids. I did purchase new covers. They lasted for two years until they were really wearing thin. So I invested in a new set for my second daughter. However after just 7 months they are already wearing thin in spots. I’m wondering why? I didn’t expect I would need to purchase more so soon.

    • All natural fabrics do wear out over time, which would be the case with the diapers you were given. After hundreds of washes, the fibers will break down. In the case of the new diapers you purchased, we have seen this happen when using detergents containing sodium per carbonate or hydrogen peroxide (alternative bleach). These ingredients are often listed. When combined with uric acid and ammonia a reaction occurs causing natural fibres to dissolve. We recommend using a commercially available detergent that does not contain those 2 ingredients, such as Tide Free and Gentle or Ivory Snow, etc. In order to get the proper longevity out of your natural Mother ease diapers, follow our complete care instructions.

  • I used mine on all 4 of my kids, then passed them on to a friend! The only thing I ever had to replace were covers, and only occasionally. My favorites were the AIOs in the newborn size, and then Sandy’s for bigger kids. My oldest just turned 16!

  • I’m using my one size and air flow covers on my third baby. 7 yrs old and still like New!

  • Our small duos are being used for 4th baby, still look and work amazing!

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    My covers lasted through 2 children, but I took excellent care of them (always quality, unscented detergent, air dried exclusively, etc.). this was near 18 years ago tho, so I don’t know if you are using the same material? The bedwetters never wore out and still looked new after about 6 years of consistent use through two children (also exclusively air dried, unless in a hurry!). Big fan of Motherease! I tried everything on the market back then, before I discovered your products. The only dipes that didn’t leak (but you have to take excellent care of them and AIR DRY for longevity).

  • We bought most of ours used and they are still going strong after two years of using them!

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