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How our EasyCare™ technology simplifies your wash routine

Choosing a cloth diapering system that works for your family

Cloth diapering parents have a lot of decisions to make before they buy their diapering system. At the core of all decisions must be this question: how do we make this work for our family?

The diaper must be functional (leak-free), and easy to wash. If they aren’t there is a good chance you will get frustrated and might even give up.

That’s why Mother ease developed it’s EasyCare™ technology when designing our Wizard line of diapers.

The EasyCare™ difference

Take a look at the Wizard Uno (all-in-one diaper):

Mother ease Wizard Diaper Line - EasyCare

As you can see the absorbent core is only attached to the diaper at the front and back. This design allowed us to sew elastics around the leg portion of both the liner and absorbent cover for twice the leakage protection.

Parents can easily tuck a booster between the two parts for added absorbency, and those boosters will eject themselves in the wash – no need to unstuff.

The diapers are also more breathable because the cover is cut larger than the insert, which creates a pocket of air (and some much-needed air circulation for that little tush).

Some all-in-one diapers have a reputation for being hard to wash or dry. The difficulty with one or the other can lead to build-up and very stinky diapers. EasyCare™ material separation allows for enhanced hygienic washability. Wash water flows easily between the cover and core as the two layers separate during the wash. During the spin cycle, the absorbent core will spin out against the drum allowing extra water to be extracted.

In the dryer, the material separation decreases drying time.

Wizard Uno‘s are as convenient as a disposable diaper without the waste. Available in four sizes ensures a perfect, trim fit for your baby!

Mother ease Wizard Diaper Liner Easy Care InfoMore great features of the Wizard Uno:

  • Simple one step cloth diapering system, just snap on and go!
  • Super trim-fitting
  • Stay Dry inner fabric
  • Double elasticized waist (front and back) and leg openings for perfect leak-free cloth diapering
  • Available in a variety of cute colors and prints
  • Mother ease’s EasyCare™ technology
  • Easily add additional absorbent liners between cover and core for naps or overnight
  • Daycare friendly

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