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New Wet Bag

NEW! Wet Bag in Caribbean Crown

Caribbean Crown wet bag closedWhere do you stash your soiled diapers when you’re out and about? One of the biggest complaints we hear about cloth is that it’s too difficult when you’re not at home. Because of this, some parents will use disposables while they’re out and ditch the cloth.

At Mother ease, we want you to feel confident using your cloth wherever you go! So today we’re talking about how cloth diapering on the go is really not that hard. You simply need a wet bag to store your soiled diapers until you can get home and wash them.

A wet bag is a waterproof bag designed to carry soiled cloth diapers and wipes while you’re out. It’s the perfect size to keep in your diaper bag, and has a secure close to stop leaks.

Our NEW Wet Bag is designed with an innovative fold over snap closure for easy opening and a secure close, as well as a fully lined waterproof inner. It measures 15.5” x 17” to hold up to 10 soiled diapers, allowing for longer outings, and it’s SO stylish and summery with its Caribbean Crown pineapple pattern that you won’t even want to hide it in the diaper bag!

While a wet bag is a fantastic solution while you’re on the go, you’ll want to be sure to empty it out when you get home. Soiled diapers left in a closed wet bag for an extended period of time is a prime breeding ground for bacteria and will cause your diapers to smell and eventually ruin.

You can use your Mother ease Wet Bag for transporting wet bathing suits and swim diapers too. Perfect for your pool party or trip to the beach!

So next time you take your little one on an outing, pack your fluff and your Mother ease Wet Bag, and have a stylish, easy, leak-free afternoon!



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