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Night Time Diapering Guesswork


Tired of the constant guessing game to figure out which combo will work through the night??

If you are new to cloth diapers – not to worry – with the right diapering system from the get-go you will never have a night time cloth diaper issue! For those battling night time leaks – we are here for you!

Cloth diapering through the night is not much different than the day. You need enough absorbency for 12-13 hours while your baby sleeps AND a good quality waterproof diaper cover. To do this, add one – possibly two (if you have a heavy wetter) absorbent liners inside the diaper to “boost” its absorbency and ensure the waterproof cover is snug around your baby and covers the diaper.

We spent years developing our own custom knit fabrics that absorb quickly, hold A LOT and wash easily – it doesn’t matter which Mother ease diaper and cover you choose!

Here are two customer favorites:

Sandys-Trial-Package-TealSandy’s – Fitted Diaper with waterproof Air Flow Cover – absorbs an impressive 15 oz (445 ml) with its fuller design (meaning a little bulkier) and available in our natural fabrics. Great for boys and girls and doesn’t require a booster until 6+ months.


Wizard-DuoTrial-packageWizard Duo – All in Two Diapering system – relatively new to the cloth diaper scene, this diapering system is a modernized fitted diaper for more convenience, quicker diaper changes, and even MORE absorbency! Here is a video of the Wizard Duo Night Time.

Available in our high tech Stay Dry fabric with super absorbent core, this diaper will keep your child completely dry and comfortable with a trimmer fit – AND never need a booster!!

For those that want a simple solution, order our Sandy’s Night Time Diaper Package OR theWizard Duo Night Time Diaper Package.

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