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Ozone Laundry System – Never Buy Detergent Again!

The EcoWasher Pro PLUS – Ozone Laundry System is an environmentally friendly appliance designed to work with your eEcoWasher-Pro-Plus-washing-machinexisting residential washing machine in hard and soft water. Once installed, you NEVER need to buy laundry detergent again!

This scientifically proven ozone technology is used in hospitals to kill infectious germs and clean laundry with cold oxygenated water – it’s that simple!

How it works

Step 1) Cold tap water flows directly from your faucet and into the EcoWasher Pro PLUS

Step 2) Water passes through a powerful magnetic field that polarizes molecules, giving them a positive charge. This results in soft water characteristics.

Step 3) Water passes through an advanced oxidation process and is infused with ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and ions

Step 4) The infused water travels through a static mixer to create hydroxyl radicals

Step 5) Powerful oxidized water enters your washing machine to disinfect & deep clean your laundry like never before!

The EcoWasher transforms cold tap water into a powerful germ-killing oxygen charged wash. EcoWasher engineers simply scaled down hospital technology to make it available for home use. Simply add the EcoWasher on to your existing washer.

We at Mother ease have been testing the EcoWasher Pro Plus model for use with cloth diapers and Bedwetter Pants. It will deep clean laundry, kill bacteria and viruses without leaving behind any residual detergent buildup!

The Pro Plus model uses 3 advanced technologies, Ozone Generator, PCO Generator and Magnetic Technology, to clean ALL of your laundry in soft or hard water whether you have a front or top loader!


In just 5 minutes, the EcoWasher kills:

  • 100% of E. Coli
  • 94% of Yeast
  • 66% of Mold/Fungus
  • 54% of Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever
  • 46% of Salmonella
  • 43% of Staph

Healthy, Clean & Green:

Eliminate the need for any detergent – keeping toxic chemicals from ever touching your babies skin!

  • Uses hydroxyl radicals, the world’s most powerful non-toxic cleaning agent
  • No chemicals discharged into the environment
  • No more harsh chemicals or fumes
  • Safe for infants, sensitive skin, and skin allergies
  • No more disposing of plastic detergent bottles

Save Your Time:

Simple and effective, the EcoWasher makes laundering simple:

  • Reduces drying time
  • Works automatically, no buttons!
  • Minimize time spent on washing machine cleanings
  • No more confusing washing machine settings
  • Eliminates shopping trips for detergent

Save Your Money:

The EcoWasher quickly pays for itself! With its 10 year lifespan you will:

  • Save the average family up to $700/year
  • Never buy detergent or fabric softener again
  • Increases the lifespan of fabrics & prevents colors from fading
  • No hot water necessary
  • Reduces septic tank maintenance

Purchase your EcoWasher Pro PLUS – ozone laundry system today for a healthier clean!

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2 Responses to “Ozone Laundry System – Never Buy Detergent Again!

  • Jessica Stroebel
    2 years ago

    Thanks for this information. Just a few questions about this system. How many Sandy’s diapers could I wash in one load using an H/E washer? Does the system work exclusively with cold water? Where can I purchase it? Could I reasonably expect this system to eliminate odours that have already built up in my diapers over time or is it just effective at preventing new problems from developing?

    • Hello Jessica,

      You should expect to wash just as many Sandy’s diapers at one time with the EcoWasher and your H/E washing machine as you normally would using your H/E washer with detergent. The system works exclusively with cold water! It is reasonable to expect diapers with lingering odors due to detergent build up to become fresh smelling again. Depending on how much they smell you may need to run them through the system a few times. Mother ease also sells Laundry Miracle, a wonderful, very effective, environmentally friendly stain remover that will also aid and boost the EcoWashers performance to deliver clean and fresh smelling diapers. The EcoWasher Pro PLUS is available exclusively at Mother ease with free shipping!

      Also, to answer your emailed question: “How do I know which model is appropriate for my water hardness?”
      We carry the upgraded EcoWasher Pro PLUS designed specifically for hard water, so if you still have some calcium it is no problem. The fact that you have a water softener is helpful to make the Ecowasher more effective!

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