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Potty Learning: How to Tell if the Time is Right



As your baby becomes a toddler, you are probably thinking the same thing with every diaper change: “When will it be time to potty train?” It’s a little sad, acknowledging that your baby is growing up, but just think of the freedom you will have when your son or daughter is out of diapers! But how do you know if it’s time to start potty training? There are a few things to think about and look for to know if your child is ready:

Predictable bathroom times

Some children are more predictable than others, but you will likely be able to find a pattern when it comes to dirty diapers. Keep track of when your child goes and when you need to change his or her diaper. When you can tell that it’s just about time for your toddler to go, try going into the bathroom and putting him or her on their potty chair (or the toilet if you prefer). This will get your child used to a new routine for potty time.

Showing interest

Toddlers are curious, there’s no denying it. When your child starts becoming interested in the bathroom, whether it is watching you spray and clean a dirty diaper, or wondering what goes on in there when grown ups or older siblings go it, consider it your cue.

Hates being wet or dirty

As your baby turns into a toddler, they will become aware of how uncomfortable it is to be in a dirty diaper. You will likely start being told right after he or she goes. It isn’t just a convenient reminder that it’s time to change your child’s diaper, it is an indicator that maybe your toddler is ready for big kid pants!

Becoming more independent

This can be a heartbreaker for mom and dad, knowing that their baby is growing up. But if you are seeing that your child wants to do everything him or herself, there is great motivation to start using the potty. And if he or she can pull their pants up and down themselves, even better. Invest in cloth training pants that pull on like big kid underpants and make the process even easier.

Do any of these indicators sound like your child? Is it time to make the transition?

Or are you in the midst of potty training now? How did you know the time was right? What tips do you have for other parents preparing for potty learning?



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