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Swim Diaper vs Cloth Diaper in the Pool


Now that you know how to choose a quality reusable swim diaper, we want to help you understand why you shouldn’t use your cloth diaper or diaper cover in the pool.

As you’ll recall from our last post, it’s very important to keep your baby’s poop out of the pool. And baby urine is handled by the chlorine.

Cloth Diapers

Your cloth diapers are designed to be absorbent for obvious reasons, but cloth diapers will also absorb water from the pool and become fully saturated. The bulk from the saturated cloth diaper will restrict your baby’s movement and make it difficult to know whether or not they have pooped. If your baby’s poopy diaper is not removed quickly, the bacteria will mix with the water. Once this happens the pool will need to be closed and disinfected for up to 24 hours!

Diaper Covers

Some parents may simply use a diaper cover on their baby in the pool. This is also not a good alternative because pool chemicals can ruin your waterproof cover which will cause your cloth diaper system to leak. Also, a diaper cover alone is not able to hold the poop from leaking into the pool water. A swim diaper with a double protected poop catching system is needed to keep the pool water safe.

So this season, help everyone make the most of pool time and choose a quality swim diaper for your baby to splash around in!


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