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Ask Erika: Help! I have stains on my covers!

Erika answers a new mom's question about how to treat stains on her diaper covers.


Ask Erika: Help! My Cloth Diapers Have Gotten Hard!

Erika answers one mom's question about the stiffening of her cloth diapers.


Ask Erika: Help! My cloth diapers are balding!

Erika answers one mom's question about balding in her natural fabric cloth diapers.


Ask Erika: Can I cloth diaper without a diaper pail and sprayer?

Erika answers one mom's question about whether or not cloth diapering is possible without a diaper pail or diaper sprayer.


Ask Erika: What is the optimum temperature for washing cloth diapers?

Erika answers one mom's question about what temperature to use when washing Mother ease diapers.

Mother ease Wizard Diaper Line - EasyCare

How our EasyCare™ technology simplifies your wash routine

Families want a cloth diapering system that is functional and easy to use and wash. The Mother ease EasyCare™ technology makes our Wizard Uno and Duo lines a great choice for your family.

Cloth Diaper Laundering 101

Cloth Diaper Washing 101

Some of the most frequently posted questions online are to do with issues regarding washing cloth diapers. We happened to stumble across the following article which is a great read and very informative. We concur with most of it (rarely happens as in my experience the cloth diaper online world is full, full of misinformation).

Ozone Laundry System – Never Buy Detergent Again!

Ozone Laundry System – Never Buy Detergent Again!

The EcoWasher Pro PLUS – Ozone Laundry System is an environmentally friendly appliance designed to work with your existing residential...