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Cloth Diapers are Expensive!

We hear all the time that "cloth diapering is expensive!". Today we're proving to you why it's NOT!


Ask Erika: Help! My Cloth Diapers Have Gotten Hard!

Erika answers one mom's question about the stiffening of her cloth diapers.


Ask Erika: How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

Erika answers one mom's question about how many cloth diapers are needed for full time cloth diapering.


Mother ease Diaper + Mother ease Cover = Leak-free!

Mother ease cloth diapers and covers work their best when used together. In this article, we tell you why Mother ease stands out from the rest in the cloth diapering industry.

The Benefits of Bamboo Cloth Diapers.

Mother ease talks about why bamboo fabric is a great choice in cloth diapers.


How Long do Mother ease Cloth Diapers Last?

The life span of a Mother ease cloth diaper system.


Ask Erika: What is the optimum temperature for washing cloth diapers?

Erika answers one mom's question about what temperature to use when washing Mother ease diapers.

Pocket Diaper Leak Test

Cloth diapering 101: “Why do my cloth diapers leak?”

Do you have a problem with leaky diapers? Mother ease founder, Erika Froese, explains the two main causes of those leaks.

Wizard Uno and Wizard Duo Booster Acess

Absorbent Boosters

You’ve received your first set of diapers and there’s an unfamiliar rectangular item inside. They’re likely absorbent boosters, also referred...

What goes into making a Quality Cloth Diaper?

What goes into making a Quality Cloth Diaper?

ESTIMATED READING TIME: 4 MINUTES A few years ago, I was contributed to Baby Shop Magazine with an article about...