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The Mother ease Expert Series: Finding the Right Fit


Welcome back to the Mother ease Expert Series! Once you know which of the five diapering systems you want to use, you need to decide which fit you would like: “One Size”, “Small and Large” or a “Perfect Fit”. Each has its own benefit.

Finding the Right Fit

You didn’t begin wearing your week 40 maternity clothing the minute you found out you were pregnant. Why? Because it would be much too large for you at that point, of course. So tell me, will you be happy with a one-sized diaper when cloth diapering a newborn?

Let’s take a detailed look into each fit.

One Size Diapersonesized

One-size cloth diapers seem ideal as one set of diapers will fit from newborn until the day they are potty trained, making them a very economical investment.

Some things to consider:

Most parents idealize the concept of a one-size-fits-all diaper. It makes economical sense, after all, babies grow quickly. However, very few parents are happy with the fit of a one-size diaper when they see their tiny newborn in it and end up using disposables until the one-size starts to fit properly. The money spent on using disposables until the one-size fits nicely can significantly offset the cost of a better fitting, smaller set of cloth in the first place.

You really need to be honest with yourself to make the best choice. One thing is for sure, a bulky diaper will not hurt or be uncomfortable for the baby to wear. In fact, all cloth diapers encourage proper hip placement!

Small and Large DiapersSandys_SmLg_Together

A two-sized cloth diapering system breaks the fit down into two specific size ranges: small, fitting from about 8-20 lbs, and large, fitting from about 20-35 lbs. The fit is much better and parents are more inclined to use this diaper early on.

Also, if you are just starting your family and plan to have more children, you should seriously consider a two-sized diaper system. Wear and tear is distributed over two sizes so the diapers can be used on future children.

Newborn and Perfect Size Diapers perfectsize_and_newborn

There are also cloth diapers that are sized for a perfect fit in each weight range, including newborn cloth diapers, with no compromise in performance! Although diapers sized to fit perfectly in each weight range cost the most, they are a joy to use. When you consider how much time your baby will spend in their diapers and consider the cost of disposables which also give you a perfect fit, you can put the cost and fit relationship into perspective.


No matter if you choose a one-size, two-size or a perfect fitting diaper system, they will all work and perform as intended. But when you stop to consider that disposable diapers set the bar for fit, come in many sizes and cost a lot of money, it is not unreasonable to select a two size system when using cloth – it still saves you money! When you consider how much time your baby will wear their diapers, you will find that fit does matter!

Still not sure which fit is right for you? Click below to take our Diaper Selector Quiz for help to decide which style and fit is best for you! And be sure to enter your email address at the end to receive an additional 10% off our Trial Packages!

which cloth diaper is right for you quiz

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Mother ease Expert Series, where I talk about stashing and why it’s best to stick to one brand.

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