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Traveling with cloth diapers

Whether you are traveling for the holidays or looking to escape the winter cold in the next few months you are likely trying to figure out what to do about your diapers.

Many people take a break from cloth when heading out of town because washing can be a problem, but if you are determined to keep it up, you just have to keep a few things in mind:

1 – Length of stay: if you are only going for a weekend you can store your cloth diapers in a wet bag and wash when you get home. If you are able to put them through a rinse cycle at some point, that would be ideal but as long as you aren’t storing them longer than 2-3 days you will be OK. If possible, store covers separately from the absorbent portion of the diaper to avoid any smell attaching to the material.

2 – Laundry facilities: if you are visiting family, make sure you ask them in advance if you can wash your diapers at their place. Some people can be funny about it (my dad was so grossed out about the whole breastmilk poop in the washing machine thing. I guess he and my mom used a diaper service when we were babies). If you are staying at a hotel or booking a short-term rental property, ask in advance about laundry facilities. All you need to keep your diapers clean, wherever you go, is hot water and good detergent.

3 – Supplies: keep track of how many diapers you go through in a day the week before you travel and then pack accordingly. I would say to add a few extra just in case! If you are flying, prepare the diapers you’ll need ahead of time (this mama suggests having the absorbent part in the cover, with a disposable or reusable liner already inside so you aren’t messing around with things on the go. What a great idea!) and don’t forget the wipes and wet bags you’ll need for storage.

4 – Detergent: if you read our care guide, you’ll see we suggest using hot water and good quality detergent to clean your diapers. If you are travelling to another country and don’t recognize the brands, ask which one is the most popular. Chances are, that will be the best one.

5 – Swim diapers: even if you decide to go disposable for your main diapers, a reusable swim diaper makes a lot of sense. Remember, swim diapers are only there to catch the poop (solid or otherwise). Pack at least two so you always have one dry and ready to go!

That’s really it. Once you get wherever you’re going you just stick with your usual routine.

The bonus: if you are staying somewhere sunny you can get those cloth diapers back out on a clothes line (anyone else miss theirs in the winter?).

One thing we realized before a recent trip is that you’re going to start the trip with a dirty diaper or two. When your baby wakes up on the travel day you’ll have the one he or she wore overnight plus whatever you use before you leave. You’ll want to pack those (yes… pack dirty diapers) rather than leave them at home or you could be left with a smelly mess you can’t clean when you get home.

If you aren’t taking your cloth diapers on your trip, don’t forget to wash any soiled diapers before you leave!

Happy traveling! If you have any tips for cloth diapering families on the go, leave them in the comments below.


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