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Understanding the language of cloth diapers

Say what?! Our guide to cloth diaper lingo

Are you doing some research on cloth diapers, but having trouble following along with all the acronyms? AIO, AI2, LO, DH, MIL… it’s like people are speaking a different language.

We’ve decided to dedicate a post to help you understand what’s being said.

The Diapers

This is a good place to start. After all, you are looking for information on the best cloth diapering system for your family. Here are some common terms you’ll come across:

CD = Cloth diaper (that’s an easy start)

Stash = One’s cloth diaper collection. Some people use this term to describe a collection which includes a variety of different types of diapers, but we argue your stash should compose of just one or two diapers you know work for your family.

AIO = All in one (such as our Wizard Uno). This is a diaper with the cover and insert sewn together; it’s all in one piece. They are convenient, but you have to wash the whole thing after each use.

AI2 = All in two (such as our Wizard Duo). All in two diapers have a waterproof cover with an insert that snaps in. Once the insert is snapped in, you use the diaper in the same way as an all in one, however, you can reuse the cover several times before washing.

Fitted = Fitted diapers (such as our Sandy’s and One Size). These diapers snap closed on your baby and provide excellent absorbency and an additional layer of leak protection, but they do require a waterproof cover. These were the first diapers Erika designed for Mother ease to make cloth diapering a more convenient experience for parents.

Flats = Flats are typically one large, single layer of fabric that can be folded to create more absorbency and dry quickly. They require a waterproof cover.

Prefold = Prefolds are smaller than flats and have more layers in the middle strip, called the “wet zone.” They require minimal folding around the baby. They require a waterproof cover

Absorbent Liners / Booster / Insert = These are extra pieces of absorbent material you can place in your cloth diaper to boost absorbency when you need it the most (often during naps and overnight).

Soaker = Another term for an absorbent liner

Flushable Liner = soft, biodegradable liners (ours are made of bamboo) you lay inside your cloth diapers for quick and easy diaper clean up, and added protection from stains and diaper creams (we also offer a reusable, stay-dry liner option)

OS = One size. This refers to a cloth diaper or cover you can make smaller by snapping down parts of the material. These diapers are designed to be worn from birth to potty training.


DS= Diaper Sprayer. This is an attachment for your toilet to spray off solid waste.

Pail Liner = Mother ease pail liner This is a bag that goes inside your diaper pail to collect your diapers, and then goes in the wash with your diapers – ensuring your pail stays clean in the process. The is mesh, which we believe is better for ensuring everything gets clean in the wash.

Wet Bag = A bag made of, or lined with a waterproof material so you can keep dirty diapers, messy clothes, or even bathing suits separated from the rest of your belongings.


DH = Dear husband.

DD = Dear daughter.

DS = Dear son.

LO = Little one.

MIL = Mother-in-law.

Parenting Terms

BLW = Baby led weaning.

EBF = Exclusively breastfed.

EDD = Estimated date of delivery.

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