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What Makes Quality Cloth Diapers: Fabric



It goes without saying, but when you cloth diaper, you need a high-quality product that is reliable and leak-free. Knowing what to look for in a diaper will ensure you find a system that you can depend on — a reliable cloth diaper makes it easy to stick with it, after all. Leaky diapers get frustrating; the more leaks you have the more likely you are to give up and switch to disposables.

You chose cloth for a reason, so let us help guide you in your cloth diaper choice by teaching you what to look for in a quality cloth diaper.

Today we’re talking fabrics

The fabric your cloth diapers are made from is the first thing to examine to make sure you are investing in a reliable product. Not only is the fabric directly against your baby’s skin 24/7, but it is what encourages, or deters, breathability and absorbency, and ultimately keeps the mess where it is supposed to be. But with so many options out there, what should you look for in a fabric to make sure you are getting the best cloth diaper on the market?

Function over form

We know that when it comes to dressing your baby, cute is key, so we aren’t surprised that when people are looking for a cloth diaper, they want a cute and trendy patterned fabric. You might love the adorable prints, but you’ll love a leak-free diaper even more.

The problem with trendy patterned fabrics is that they are not created specifically for cloth diapers. The fabrics can be purchased anywhere, which means the fabrics are not made with cloth diapering at top of mind. If you want a leak-free diapering system, you want to be sure that research went into the development and decision-making process in finding a fabric that works best. So instead of looking for the cutest pattern, choose a diaper made from fabric and laminate that are specially created to ensure leaks will not be an issue.

What fabrics are out there?

Obviously, your fabric options are broad, so when you are trying to find the best diaper, look for custom knit fabrics for best results.

Cotton Terry

A custom cotton terry will have polyester knit into the base for strength, durability and shrinkage control but only the natural cotton fiber touching your baby’s delicate skin. It is a very durable, stretchy, comfortable and reliable fabric for cloth diapers.

Organic Cotton Terry

Organic cotton is made of only ring-spun, combed cotton yarn, which means you’ll be getting only the top quality grade of natural fiber. Like cotton terry, you are still getting a durable, stretchy, comfortable and reliable fabric, but organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals.

Bamboo Terry

Bamboo terry fabric is a bamboo, cotton and polyester knit. While the polyester is only in the base, again for strength, durability and shrinkage control, only bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%) is touching your baby’s skin. This is a man-made fiber made from organically grown bamboo, free of harmful substances.

Stay Dry Fabric

Stay dry fabric is a newer addition to the line up of cloth diaper fabrics. It is a high-tech fabric that is specially knit to wick away moisture, leaving baby’s skin dry to the touch. Made of 100% polyester, the benefits of stay dry fabrics include preventing diaper rash, reduces staining and are easy to rinse and keep clean.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to find the perfect cloth diaper. It can seem like a complicated decision, but with an expert guiding you through the process, it can be easy!



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