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What parents are saying about Mother ease

At Mother ease, we truly love what we do and nothing makes us feel prouder about our work than receiving kind notes from the mothers and fathers who use our products.

It truly puts a spring in our step.

We thought we would share some of the most recent feedback we’ve had.

The new cloth diapering mama

My name is Kristen DeVecchis. I ordered diapers from your company a little over a week ago and I am in love. Not only are your products wonderful and worth every penny, your company is efficient and so kind.

The live chat is great! Who wouldn’t want access to someone during the week to ask questions while ordering or if just investigating cloth diapers.

I am new to the cloth diapering community but I must say I have already tried quite a few different brands. Your brand was a little more difficult to come by than the companies like bumGenius that are widely marketed (and in my opinion widely overrated….). I discovered you through a blogger while trying to learn more about cloth diapers. It appealed to me that your diapers were known to have great absorbency! My daughter is weird and doesn’t urinate all night (would be every potty training mother’s dream but she’s 5 months old HAHA) but urinates very heavy in the mornings when she wakes up. Your diapers contain it all and even when it’s overly saturated the covers keep her clothes from getting wet.

I skeptical about cloth until I met Mother ease diapers! I will be recommending you all to EVERYONE! I wish cloth was more affordable but I swear yours are worth EVERY penny. Thank you for being a great company (there aren’t many of those around).
A new and very pleased mother-ease cloth diapering mama

The veteran cloth diaper mom

From Hilary Fiskeaux on Facebook:

THANK YOU, Mother-Ease, for making these magical One-Size diapers. After trying several types and brands with our first baby 10 years ago, we found that these (along with Air Flow covers) are the VERY BEST money can buy.
Our first set was used through two kids, for six years, with zero — read that, ZERO — leaks or blowouts. We treated ourselves to a new, colorful stash last week when our youngest outgrew his Sandy’s. And this afternoon, when he had a spectacularly-explosive breastfed baby poo, I was reminded again how glorious that thick cloth binding is. Nothing on his clothes, nothing on his cover. THANK YOU, again, from a homeschooling mom of 3 boys who enjoys wearing baby poo-free clothing all day.

Double trouble

On Facebook Alexandra Hunt wrote: We’ve been using your diapers since we came home from the hospital – and almost 4 months later, we have never had a leak or blowout!! Motherease fitted diapers are the best – and we’ve tried almost all of the premium brands with our older children.

We discovered Mother ease with our second, who was an extreme heavy wetter with ultra sensitive skin. All her rashes and leaks stopped once we found the Sandy’s fitteds, so we knew we only wanted to use Mother ease with the twins on the way!

No troubleshooting needed – we love both the Mother ease one-size fitteds and the sandy’s fitteds. The airflow cover looks poofy but smooshes under clothing perfectly and gives ventilation that prevents any irritation for baby. We love classic cotton and the oh-so-cozy bamboo fabrics even more!

Thanks for making an excellent product. With newborn twins, it’s been fabulous to have ONE area that is as easy as can be!

A happy mother of three

In response to our blog about why cloth diapers cost what they do, Christine Tulloch wrote on Facebook: Mother-ease diapers are great! Hoping to use them on more than one child made buying good-quality diapers a must! They lasted for three kids and then I gave them to a friend.

Thank you…

We truly love hearing from you. If you ever have a question or comment about our products send us a note, give us a call, message us on Facebook, or use our live chat during business hours.



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