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What to look for in a Swim Diaper


As parents begin to head south for vacation (brrr up here in Ontario, Canada) our Swim Diapers begin flying off the shelf during last minute preparations! So, we thought we’d help with a few things to look for in a reusable Swim Diaper:

Snaps vs Velcro®

Did you know that hook and loop closures (Velcro) actually loose their strength in water!? Meaning your baby’s swim diaper could come undone when you least expect it!

Also, when it comes undone it can snag your bathing suit and slowly ruin it.

Plastic snaps last much longer – Mother ease guarantees their snaps for life!  With adjustable waist and leg adjustments, your baby will have a perfect fit in each size!

Absorbency  vs  No Absorbency

I’m not sure where the idea came from to add an absorbent lining to the inside of a swim diaper – it’s a bit silly if you ask me!

Parents are lead to believe that an absorbent lining will keep urine out of the pool.  But let’s stop for a second and consider what is stopping this absorbent layer from becoming fully saturated with pool water?

Parents, let the chlorine do its job and stop weighing your baby down with a water logged liner between their legs. You and your baby can focus on the important task – learning to swim!

On the other hand, without any absorbency your baby may pee on the pool deck and there nothing is there to protect you – other than jumping in 🙂

If no absorbency is needed – then what is?Swim Diaper - Blue - showing inside

Mother ease swim diapers were designed with the YMCA back in the early 1990’s – their only concern is to keep the poop out of the pool – And leave the chlorine to do the rest!

Mother ease Swim Diapers have a very fine“Poop Catcher” netting that is fully elasticized to gently hug your babies legs – it will even hold newborn liquidy poops!

Our outer bathing suit material, allows pool water in and out without “ballooning”. It’s available in many cute prints and solid colors. You can either use the Swim Diapers by themselves or under their “big kid” bathing suit for peace of mind.

So, don’t fuss around when taking your baby into the pool. Purchase the most reliable swim diaper and say goodbye to embarrassing leaks! And stay tuned for our next post on Swim Diapers vs Cloth Diapers in the pool!


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