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When NOT to use Google


Have you ever experienced some sort of pain and in an effort to avoid making an unnecessary trip to the doctor you decide to type your symptoms into Google to self-diagnose?

While at work last week I began having pains in the middle of my chest. It was just before lunch, so I decided to wait it out for 10 minutes or so. Over the next few minutes, the pain began to get worse and I was started to wonder whether I should be waiting for it to pass or whether I should be calling an ambulance. While deciding what to do I Googled “chest pains” and all signs pointed to “you are having a heart attack!

When you Google “Help my cloth diapers smell!” or “Help my cloth diapers leak!” Up will pop the most common search remedy: “How to strip your cloth diapers” Due to the overwhelming conversation on this topic, parents are often overwhelmed with variation in advice and varying stripping techniques. It is hard for parents to know what to do.

As an experienced cloth diaper manufacturer, Mother ease’s advice is very different. Firstly, cloth diapers should never need to be stripped. Establish a good wash routine right from the start. It’s as simple as using hot water and a name brand detergent suitable for your areas water hardness (often the best selling brand in your local store). Use the manufacturers recommended amount of detergent, not less. Do not use essential oils, boutique eco brand detergents or fabric softeners – otherwise you will be “stripping”.

For those not having heeded this advice early enough and find themselves in need of stripping their diapers, stay tuned for our next blog where we will share some insights into how to effectively restore your diapers after which you can assume a better wash routine eliminating the need for future strippings.

Oh, and not to worry, turns out my “heart attack” was actually just heartburn. A glass of water fixed me right up, and here I am writing this entry days later 🙂

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