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Wizard Duo – Full Coverage


The coverage your cloth diaper provides is essential for successful cloth diapering. There must be enough fabric to fit across their bum and from the waist front to waist back. This ensures the poop has a place to stay and there is enough absorbency to hold their pee.

That being said, there are many other features that a Full Coverage diaper provides, such as comfort, protection and convenience.

A full coverage diaper will be comfortable on your baby as it covers everywhere instead of having just one absorbent piece bunching up between their legs. Your full coverage diaper also provides protection against leaks up the back and out the legs, as it keeps the poop inside the diaper where it belongs due to the elasticized edges.

Blowouts just won’t happen with a full coverage diaper and who doesn’t want a diaper without blowouts!

Finally, you will love the convenience of our full coverage Wizard Duo, as you are able to reuse the waterproof cover many times before it needs to be laundered.

Don’t be fooled by other All in Two’s which only have an absorbent liner between their legs. You want a diaper with full coverage and elasticized edges all around so the poop stays in and your baby’s clothes stay dry.

Shop for the most convenient, leak-free All in Two Cloth Diaper available with our Trial Package!

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