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Wizard Duo – One Step Diapering


Simple: Lay baby onto diaper, and close in one step!

One Step Diapers refer to the single step required to close the cloth diaper around your baby. Essential as your baby gets older and simply refuses to lie still. They wiggle, crawl, or even RUN away!One-Step-Diapering-Prepare

The term One Step Diapering doesn’t just include the Wizard Duo – All in Two. It includes: All in One’s, All in Two’s and Pocket Diapers – once prepped and ready to use.

When the Wizard Duo has been prepped (see video), it’s ready to wrap around your precious baby for leak-free convenient cloth diapering. Once the Insert becomes wet or soiled, simply unsnap and replace with a clean one for your next diaper change. The diaper cover can be reused 3-4 times before laundering, reducing the number of covers you need and creating an economical cloth diapering solution!

Take advantage of our Trial Package to try the Wizard Duo 2.0 and fall in love with modern cloth diapering!

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