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Are you interested in starting a cloth diaper service in your city and are searching for the most convenient cloth diapering system? Let us show you what Mother ease Cloth Diapers has available for you!

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Wizard Duo – All-in-Two Cloth Diapering System:DuoSnapTogether

The All-in-Two cloth diaper is the newest member of the cloth diaper scene. Similar to the All-in-One diaper cloth diaper, except that the absorbent inner is not sewn together but attached with snaps to the waterproof cover.

Once snapped together, this diaper becomes as easy to use as an All-in-One. When it becomes wet or soiled, simply unsnap the inner absorbent diaper insert and snap in a clean one and reuse the waterproof cover.

Fewer covers are required as soiled diaper inserts are replaced making it very economical considering how convenient it is!

All-in-Two diapers are trim fitting and the waterproof covers and absorbent diaper inserts are available in one-size-fits-all or sized for a perfect fit in each size range. They also have two lines of elastic at the waist and leg openings to contain messes and snap waist closures.



Snap Wizard Duo Insert into Cover



Snap Wizard Duo diaper snuggly
on baby in one simple step

Replace Insert


Once soiled, remove Wizard Duo Insert
and snap in a clean one!

Wizard Duo Inserts:

The Wizard Duo Inserts provides the absorbency of your diaper and available in four fabric selections:

  • Unbleached Cotton Terry
  • Bamboo Terry
  • Stay Dry
  • Stay Dry – Night Time

Each of these fabric options are available in sizes:  Newborn (6-12 lbs), Small (8-20 lbs), One Size (10-35 lbs) and XLarge (35-45 lbs).

Wizard Duo Covers:

The Wizard Duo Covers provide the waterproof barrier between your babies absorbent diaper and their clothing. A very crucial component, ensuring that leaks never happen! The Duo Covers houses the absorbent Duo Insert with a series of strategically placed snaps.

Available in two sizing options:

Perfect Size Duo Covers:

  • Newborn (6-12 lbs)
  • Small (10-18 lbs)
  • Medium (18-27 lbs)
  • Large (27-35 lbs)
  • XLarge (35-45 lbs)

Adjustable Size Duo Covers:

  • Small Adjustable (8-18 lbs)
  • Large Adjustable (18-35 lbs)
  • One Size Adjustable (10-35 lbs)

You can read more and view videos on the Wizard Duo – All in Two Cloth Diaper System


Cloth Diaper Pail

Mother ease provides a Cloth Diaper Pail for storing soiled diapers. Available in two sizes: Personal, holding up to 20 soiled diapers and Service, holding up to a week’s worth!

Its natural odor control system uses a carbon filter and basic air flow to eliminate any stink! The Carbon Filters naturally absorbs odor, eliminating any smell coming from your cloth diaper pail. To replace the filter, unscrew the teddy bear filter cage within the lid. One Carbon Filter will last approximately 4-5 months. Replacement packages are available in a 2-Package.

Mesh Laundry Bags – fit inside the diaper pail and never needing to re-handle your dirty diapers!

Cloth Baby Wipes

Cloth Baby Wipes are so practical for cleaning baby’s bottom without any of the chemicals, alcohol or perfumes used with disposable wipes. Simply rinse after use and wash with your diapers!

Our baby wipes double as wash cloths and are available in our custom made fabrics including White and Unbleached Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton and Bamboo as well as our full line of Colored Cotton. These soft terry wipes are made from two layers of the same knit terry as our diapers. Dimensions: 9″ x 9″

See them here: https://cart.mother-ease.com/products/cloth-baby-wipes


Eco-friendly Laundering Products

Mother ease offers a family of eco-friendly laundry detergents and stain removers. Strong enough to clean yet gentle newborn skin!

Learn more here: https://cart.mother-ease.com/collections/laundering-products

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