Copy of Fabrics

At Mother-ease we pride ourselves on our custom knit fabrics

All of our fabrics are custom knit specially for Mother-ease and allow us to manufacture cloth diapers that do not require multiple washes to 'prep' them to become absorbent before you use them!

All of our fabrics move wetness quickly, in order to obtain the highest absorbency, and release soil, making them easy to launder. You will not find our fabrics on a shelf at your local fabric store. Our fabrics wont be on the shelves at your neighborhood fabric shop. We carefully test each material before using it, assuring that only the softest, most effective materials are used to manufacture our products.

Natural Cotton Terry

Our Natural Cotton Terry is specially knit with only cotton touching your baby's delicate skin.

Strength, durability, and shrinkage control are all provided by the polyester knit into the fabric's foundation.

The natural cotton fabric's lifespan is increased by the polyester core. An extremely stretchy, reliable, & comfortable product is the outcome.

Stay Dry

a high-tech fabric that is knit specifically to quickly wick away moisture! It works well, leaving the baby's skin feeling dry to the touch. This soft, 100% polyester fabric is lightweight, less likely to stain, and rinses with ease. It also helps avoid diaper rash.

* Available in White*

Organic Cotton Terry

Our Organic Cotton Terry is knit with 100% organic cotton

(Meets the Global Organic Textile Standards)

Polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability & shrinkage control. This polyeser core core lengthens the lifespan of the organic cotton fabric. Ring spun, combed cotton yarn ensures a top quality grade of cotton. Our organic cotton terry fabric is available in is natual unbleached finish

Oraganic cotton diapers require pre-wash 1 to 2 times before use without HOT water and good quaolity detergents

Polyester Core Explained

In the image below, polyester makes up the netted base of the fabric that the organic (or natural) cotton is woven through. This polyester core is invisible and serves just to guarantee that your diapers last as long as you require them to.