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  • An absorbent fitted cloth diaper available in 4 sizes for a great fit
  • Available in a variety of fabric options, including cute colors
  • Compatible with Mother ease Air Flow and Rikki Wrap waterproof covers for a leak-proof system
  • Industry leading “front over back” snap closure design
  • Double elasticized waist (front and back) and leg openings for perfect leak-free cloth diapering
  • Designed to outperform any other fitted cloth diapers in comfort, quality and absorbency since 1991!


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Sandy’s Sizing:

Newborn (6-12 lbs)

A perfect option for parents starting to cloth diaper immediately and want the best fit before moving to the One Size fitted diaper.

Used with our: Newborn Air Flow or Rikki Wrap fitted diaper covers.

Small (8-20 lbs)

A two size diaper, Small and Large, offers a great fit in each of the size ranges.

Small Size, fitting from 8 to 20 lbs is a great option for parents that find a One Size diaper to big on a newborn baby.

Used with our: Small and Medium Air Flow and Rikki Wrap covers.

Large (20-35 lbs)

The Large size, fitting from 20 to 35 lbs is needed once your baby has outgrown the small size.

Used with our: MedLarge and Large Air Flow and Rikki Wrap covers.

Toddle-ease (35-45 lbs)

The Toddle-ease size is our XLarge Sandy’s diaper. Offering a great fitted diaper for children who are not ready to potty train yet.

Used with our: XLarge Air Flow or Rikki Wrap covers.


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