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Wash and Care Instructions


How to prep your cloth diapersHow to Prep your Mother ease Diapers

The first initial wash is an important one – be sure to do it properly!

Washing_IconA Simple Wash Routine for Cloth Diapers

When washing cloth diapers you will follow the same process as your regular clothing – there’s nothing magic or mysterious about caring for cloth diapers as long has you have a good routine and a good detergent. Click here to learn more.

Washing_IconComplete Care Guide

Learn how to Wash your cloth diapers and covers, Storage Methods between wash day, Detergent Recommendations, Helpful Notes and Hints, our Detergent Disclaimer and more!

cloth-diapers-in-washing-machine-sanitizeHow to Sanitize your Diapers

There are a number of different reasons why you may choose to sanitize your cloth diapers – be sure to follow the Mother ease approved method!