Leak-free Cloth Diapering Systems Since 1991!

Considering Cloth?  – Consider Motherease!

We offer an enjoyable, eco-friendly, leak free cloth diapering experience!PTPAseal_topGoldAward

  1. You will have a reliable diaper system that can be used until your baby is trained
  2. All of our diapering systems offer perfect performance – day or nights
  3. Undisputed quality, innovative designs, incredible durability and made in  North America (NA)

Why Mother-ease makes the best cloth diapers:


At Mother ease (ME) all of our fabrics are carefully selected to absorb quickly and wash easily.  Our fabrics are vigilantly tested for optimum performance whether the end use is a cloth diaper or the diaper cover (or a combination of both).  These tests may take months or even years before a product is released to market.


Not only do we have a full range of custom knit natural fiber diapers but we also specialize in diapers made from performance moisture management (stay dry) fabrics. They are specially developed to quickly move moisture away from baby’s skin to the ultra absorbent micro fiber core.  These micro fibres are unique to ME and hold 8x more liquid than their natural counterpart and twice as much as any competing micro fibre brand.  Our synthetic diapers are more absorbent with less bulk than any diaper on the market.  Because the components of our diapers are so well engineered to suit their end use we never ever deal with complaints common to other brands.


Diaper cover fabrics have two components that make them leak proof.  One is the obvious polyurethane film laminated to the back side of the fabric and the other, less obvious, is a water repellent applied to the face side of the fabric to keep the fabric dry.  You can’t feel it or see the water repellent it but it is there. For diaper covers to be functional both elements must be in tact. The fabrics used to make our diaper covers never, ever peel, shred or delaminate as is so common to other brands and our water repellents far outlast any competing brand.


Modern fitted diaper systems are entirely dependent on the function of their elastics.  When these fail the diaper is useless.  ME has the only elastics on the market able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use for the life of the product!  And we provide a lifetime warranty!!  No other manufacturer can claim that.


Take some time to study our website.  Everything ME makes is of our own design and technology and is based on actual real-life use.  Leak-proof diapers, environmental responsibility, ethical socially responsible manufacturing – right here in NA are the drivers for ME.

Motherease may cost a little more but the investment is worth the convenience of leak-free cloth diapering- a necessity for an enjoyable, eco friendly experience. We Promise!

For more detailed information regarding your cloth diapering options learn more from our Cloth Diaper 101 Page. It lists the pros and cons associated with the various styles of cloth diapers.