Newborn Wizard Duo Cover (6-12 lbs)


The Newborn Wizard Duo Cover is a lightweight, waterproof All-in-Two diaper cover, designed to match our newborn Duo Fitted diaper Insert

The Duo Cover features adjustable waist and rise snaps for a secure, tamper-proof fit. Fully elasticized waist, both in the front and back, for a comfortable stretchy fit. It can be reused a number of times by snapping in a clean Absorbent Duo Fitted Insert.

The absorbent Duo Fitted Insert snaps into the Duo Cover using 6 snaps, ensuring a secure, leak-free fit!

New Mother-ease Fashionables fabric has a softer, silkier feel more like a piece of clothing than a diaper cover! New fabric, same excellent quality and performance!


Newborn 6-12 lbs
Small 8-18 lbs
One Size 10-35 lbs
XLarge 35-45 lbs

Note: The Wizard Duo Covers run true to size. The Wizard Duo Absorbent Inserts snap inside the Wizard Duo Covers to ensure a leak-free diapering system. Due to the snaps located inside the Duo cover, we do not recommend using it with prefolded or flat diapers.

PUL Style

Fashionables (thinner) PUL print/color options: White, Cranberry, Navy, Mustard, Foxy, Flight, Bee Kind, Sunshine, Evergreen, Whale Song, Young at Art, Whiz Kid, Wild One, Ocean Life, Orchard, Tweet, Earth Day, Pine, Dino, Dream, Adventure Awaits.

Classic (thicker) PUL print/color options: Oceans, Savanna, Wetlands, Rainforest, Coral Reef, Yellow Sundance, Orange Sunset, Teal Tidewater, Blue Raindrop, Seafoam Green, Wood Violet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Crystal S.
Love em

Love these, I use them during the day, I use the night time ones when we are going into town to run errands. Holds poop in well.

Susanne R.

As my previous review mentioned, we fell in love with Motherease’s diapers. We initially used disposable diapers for our daughter until she was 4 month old. During that time period we struggled with several blowouts a day. Once we switched to Motherease we rarely experienced any in the past 5 months. The covers are easily adjustable for the legs and hip and the colors are fun. Just a heads up - the rather colorful poo can discolor the inner stitching of the white covers. We did not experience that with the other solid colored covers nor the new printed covers.

Victoria Waterfield
Wonderful Covers!

No leaks, EVER, even through the entire night with my heavy wetter!

Myra Amaya
I love the Duo Covers.

I love the Duo Covers. It is my favorite cloth diaper so far. Thanks

Christina M.
Great cover

Slimmer fit than the older style covers and lots of adjustability.