Newborn Air Flow Cover (6-12 lbs)


The Air Flow Cover is a lightweight, breathable waterproof fitted diaper cover, designed to fit over top of our One Size and Sandy's fitted diapers.

It features adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure, tamper-proof fit. Gaps between the snap closures increase air flow, which helps regulate the temperature inside the diaper!

New Mother-ease Fashionables fabric has a softer, silkier feel more like a piece of clothing than a diaper cover! New fabric, same excellent quality and performance!


Newborn - 6 to 12 lbs - used with the Newborn Sandy's Diaper
Small - 8 to 12 lbs - used with the Small Sandy's and One Size Fitted Diapers
Medium -10 to 20 lbs - used with the Small Sandy's and One Size Fitted Diapers
Large - 20 to 35 lbs - used with the Large Sandy's and One Size Fitted Diapers
XLarge - 35 to 45 lbs - used with the Toddle-ease Diapers

Note: The Air Flow™ covers run true to size, no need to buy big.  They are designed with a roomy fit, though they do compress down under clothes nicely.  While the generous cut of the Air Flow™ covers makes them a great choice for fitted diapers, if you would like to use them with prefolds or flats the diaper must be secured first with a Snappi or pins.

Newborn + Small sizes Medium + sizes
[snaps towards waist front design] 
[snaps towards waist back design] 


PUL Style

Fashionables (thinner) PUL print/color options: White, Cranberry, Navy, Mustard, Foxy, Flight, Bee Kind, Sunshine, Evergreen, Whale Song, Young at Art, Whiz Kid, Wild One, Ocean Life, Orchard, Tweet, Earth Day, Pine, Dino, Dream, Adventure Awaits.

Classic (thicker) PUL print/color options: Oceans, Savanna, Wetlands, Rainforest, Coral Reef, Yellow Sundance, Orange Sunset, Teal Tidewater, Blue Raindrop, Seafoam Green, Wood Violet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Love Motherease Diapers

I have have used a variety of cloth diapers for my newborn, as my sister recommended Motherease and I also received a variety of handmedowns of many brands. After trying such a variety of brands, Motherease are the only ones that I decided to buy more of new. I love the cloth diapers and how well they fasten around my baby. They absorb a lot, but they have not leaked once yet! (So many of the other brands that I have tried have leaked.). Because Motherease has not leaked, we can use the shells more often in a row before washing, or getting away with light rinsing before washing. Saving the life/waterproofness of the shell and the amount that we need to have on hand.
Thank you for making a quality product! I love being able to support a local business also! I will be buying more as my little one grows, ).

Love this cover!

This cover is amazing. I exclusively have my two littles in these diapers and these covers never leak. I will be purchasing more for sure!

Sophie B.
Air Flow cover

Ce sont les meilleures couches de nuit que j’ai achetées!

Great products

I keep ordering more as she grows. They are the best covers.

Not the best purchasing experience

I ordered these covers a few months back and first let me say I absolutely love motherease products there covers are amazing quality, last a long time and do not leak, but when I ordered these they came out with new prints and I thought they were cute and ordered some when I received them they were NOT the motherease PUL I knew and loved! And that was not disclosed on the purchasing page so I was upset when exchanging I had to pay for return shipping which I didn't feel was necessary seeing as it wasn't disclosed in the listing just in there blog that I do not typically read. But as far as the end result and original product I received they are awesome quality but not sure if I'll purchase any new fashionable cover products without researching exclusively.

Thank you for leaving a review of your experience with Mother-ease.

We did extensive testing on our new fabric before making covers available for purchase, and if you give it a chance, I’m confident you’ll be as pleased with it as we are!

I just wanted to note that we have now added a description of our Fashionables line of PUL to our product description on our website so the difference between the two is known