The Fitted Cloth Diaper that Grows with your Baby

Designed to grow with your child from newborn until they are toilet trained!


Economic - Grows with your child from newborn to potty training (8-35 lbs)

Available in our Natural Cotton fabric

Leak-free - use our Mother-ease Air Flow and Rikki Wrap covers to create a leak-free diapering system!

Night + Naps - extra absorbency (Snap in Liner) adds an extra 7oz (200ml) for 12+ hours!

Two Part Diapering System - keeping the waterproof cover separate for enhanced washing, drying and the ability to use Cover Revitalizer in the future!

Elastics - gentle elastics around the entire diaper to create the 1st line of defense against leaks!

Warranty - backed with the our manufacturing guarantee and the BEST warranty!

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How to Adjust

Step 1:

Lay baby on top of the One Size fitted diaper, the top of the diaper (in the back) should be above their hips. Take the bottom of the cloth diaper and fold it over the crotch, to the umbilical cord/belly button.

Note: If there are gaps around the baby's leg - shorten the rise by folding over the front of the diaper to expose a new row of female snaps. This folded over rise setting is needed for children from 8 lbs to approximately 20 lbs.

Step 2:

To ensure a snug, blowout-free fit, take the left tab and pull it over the front of the diaper, snapping both male snaps into the row of female snaps.

Step 3:

Snap the right tab (as above) and to finish, snap the Air Flow snap cover over top - this will contain all leaks and wetness!

For Night & Nap Time:
When your baby is no longer using the fold over rise system, snap the Snap in Absorbent Liner inside the diaper for added absorbency.