The Wizard Duo is an all-in-two diaper system like no other!

The Wizard Duo AI2 diaper is all the convenience of an AIO but as economical as a fitted diapering system. Once snapped together, the Wizard Duo becomes a Wizard Uno, but the ability to snap the absorbent insert in and out of the cover allows for the cover to be used a few times before laundering.

The Wizard Duo is perfect for full-time cloth diapering. For 20 Fitted Duo Inserts, only 10 Duo Covers are required. Snap a few together ahead of time and snap around your baby in one simple step. Once the change is complete, unsnap your soiled insert from its cover, wipe the cover down once and let air dry. When it's time for the next change, just snap a clean Fitted Duo Insert into your cover.

The Wizard Duo is great for days or nights! Our Duo Fitted Inserts are available in two daytime inserts as well as a nighttime insert. You can also simply add a Wizard Booster between the cover and insert for overnights if you don't have the nighttime insert.

The ability to change out your Fitted Duo Inserts from your Duo Covers allows for a more economical system and prolongs the longevity of your Duo Covers. This system also allows for the use of Mother-ease's Cover Revitalizer! 

How it Works:



The Newborn Wizard Duo will give your baby the most comfortable and trim fit from 6 to 12 lbs. The perfect diaper option for those teeny tiny newborn babies.


Providing a great fit from 8 to 18 lbs, the Small Wizard Duo is the best starting point for the majority of babies that are already around the 8 lb mark at birth. Starting with the Small before moving to the One Size will give you a nice trim fitting cloth diaper up to 18 lbs. 

One Size

The One Size Wizard Duo fits from 10 to 35 lbs. You can begin your cloth diapering journey once your baby fits into the One Size Wizard Duo at 10 lbs which will give you the most economical option as you only have one investment into your cloth diaper stash.

Or, you can move into the One Size Wizard Duo once your baby has outgrown the Small Wizard Duo. This option will give you the best fit at both weight ranges, as a One Size diaper will be a little bulkier a fit at 10 lbs than it would be at 18 lbs. 


Perfect for larger babies. Providing a comfortable fit from 35 - 45 lbs. 

Absorbency Options:

With the Wizard Duo diapering system, you have two fabric options to choose from plus a bonus night-time fabric.

Wizard Duo Insert Natural Cotton

Natural Cotton

Naturally absorbent, quick-drying cotton with a special polyester core for added durability and shrinkage control!

Absorbency: 250 - 340 ml

Available in Newborn, Small, One Size and XLarge

Benefits: natural fiber option for wet feel, naturally absorbent, washes and dries well.

Learn more about our Natural Cotton fabric
Wizard Duo Insert Stay Dry

Stay Dry

Our most popular fabric option! Made from 100% polyester with moisture-wicking technology keeps your baby comfortable and dry even in a saturated diaper!

Absorbency: 350 - 425 ml

Available in Newborn, Small, One Size and XLarge

Benfits: dry feel - hardest to stain - easiest to remove stains - high absorbency - great washing and drying

Learn more about Stay Dry
Wizard Duo Insert Night Time

Stay Dry Night Time

All the same properties as the Stay Dry Insert with a SUPER absorbent core! No absorbent boosters/liners needed - just snap in and change 12+ hours later without any leaks!

Absorbency: 425 - 500 ml

Available in Small, One Size, and XLarge

Benefits - extra absorbent core - no boosters needed!

Learn more about Stay Dry - Night

A Few Customer Reviews:

I love the Wizard Duos and have just had to have more sent over to the UK from Canada! Would highly recommend to all and can't wait for them to come back in stock!

I bought the Duo Night package for my 19 mo heavy wetter tummy sleeper. Haven't had it long, but so far it's a winner for both night and longer outings - without a booster.
The cover has done well; takes some getting used to the fit vs the air flow cover (there's a leg snap!), but fits trimly and no leaks!

These are the best brand of diapers I've tried. I use Wizard Duos and they're so good, I only use these now. They're slim fitting, fast drying, don't seem to ever stain, and never leak. I love having the day and night insert options. Neither has failed me yet. The material of the wraps is soft and silky, and the patterns are cute too. I really like that the stay dry inserts don't feel wet against the baby's skin either. Definitely try them!

The one size Wizard Duo Inserts and Covers are easy to use and clean up well. Great investment. Love the product.

These are the BEST inserts/diaper system. The ease of use, how well they clean up, and the way the stay dry inserts keep my baby's bottom dry is incredible. I love that the covers can be reused a few times! When adding an insert for nighttime, we never have any leaks for up to 12 hours!

We used these diapers with our first child 7 years ago and are so pleased to find that they remain as reliable now. They are our go-to "nighttime nappies" because they never leak.

As my previous review mentioned, we fell in love with Mother-ease’s diapers. We initially used disposable diapers for our daughter until she was 4 month old. During that time period we struggled with several blowouts a day. Once we switched to Mother-ease we rarely experienced any in the past 5 months. The OS covers are easily adjustable for the legs and hip and the colors are fun.