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At Mother ease we pride ourselves on our custom knit fabrics! All of our fabrics move wetness quickly, in order to obtain the highest absorbency, and release soil, making them easy to launder. You will not find our fabrics on a shelf at your local fabric store. We put all our fabrics through intensive testing before use, ensuring that our products are made with only the softest, most effective materials.

Stay Dry

Mother ease Stay Dry Polyester

A high-tech fabric specially knit to quickly wick away wetness! It is very effective leaving baby’s skin dry to the touch. This lightweight, 100% polyester fabric helps prevent diaper rash, reduces staining and rinses easily. It is available in white.

Available in our Wizard Uno, Wizard Duo and Sandy’s Trim Fit Diapers.

Unbleached & White Cotton Terry

Mother ease Unbleached Cotton Terry

Our Unbleached and White Cotton Terry is specially knit with only cotton touching your baby’s delicate skin, polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability and shrinkage control. This polyester core lengthens the lifespan of the natural cotton fabric. The result is a very stretchy, comfortable and reliable product. Our Cotton Terry is available in white, unbleached and colours.

Available in our Wizard Duo – All-in-Two, One Size and Sandy’s Fitted Diapers

Coloured Cotton Terry

Mother ease Coloured Cotton Terry

Our coloured Cotton Terry fabrics and bindings are custom dyed using low impact synthetic dyes. Low impact dyes have been classified by the Oeko Tex 100 standard as eco-friendly. Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals, require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in fabric (less waste in the dying process).

The inside remains white for hygienic reasons (stool examination and urine concentration levels need to be comparable between diaper changes). Available in our One Size and Sandy’s Fitted Diapers.

Bamboo Terry

Mother ease Bamboo Terry

Our Bamboo Terry fabric is specially knit with 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton touching your baby’s delicate skin. Polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability and shrinkage control. This polyester core lengthens the lifespan of the natural bamboo fabric. Our Bamboo Terry is available in its natural unbleached finish.

The bamboo used in our yarn is a man-made fiber using the viscose process. It is made from organically grown bamboo and the factory producing it follows strict environmental standards (ISO14001:2004) as well as employee health standards (OHSAS18001:1999). This yarn has been tested free of harmful substances according to Oeko Tex Standard 100 for baby articles.

100% Organic Cotton Terry

Mother ease 100% Organic Cotton Terry

Our Organic Cotton Terry is knit from 100% organic cotton and meets Global Organic Textile Standards. Organic cotton is becoming increasingly popular as it is grown without the use of harmful chemicals that have an adverse effect on the environment. Ring spun, combed cotton yarn ensures a top quality grade of cotton. Our Organic Cotton Terry fabric is available in its natural unbleached finish.

*Becuase our Organic Cotton Terry does not include a polyester core sewn in to add durability, we highly recommend having a minimum of 24 Organic Cotton diapers to last for one child.

 **Organic Cotton diapers will need to be pre-washed 1-2 times before use with HOT water and a good quality detergent (see our detergent disclaimer).


All of our fabrics are custom knit specially for Mother ease and allow us to manufacture cloth diapers that do not require multiple washes** to 'prep' them to become absorbent before you use them!

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