Care Guide

First Initial Wash

Prewash your diapers once before using them with hot water and detergent. During this prewash, wash no more than 8-10 diapers at a time in order to minimize lint accumulation.

* Wash Before Use - See return policy on washed products and our Laundry Detergent Disclaimer (read down below) *

1. Soiled cloth diapers are rinsed in the toilet. For convenience, use a diaper sprayer. It easily attaches to your toilet.

2. Wet cloth diapers are placed immediately into the diaper pail. When the pail is full, dump the cloth diapers directly into the washing machine.

3. Pre-rinse or do a short cycle with warm water and detergent.

4. Wash the cloth diapers in a full cycle, at the highest water level, using HOT water ( 140°F or 60°C), and the full amount of detergent

5. Do not use detergents containing oxygenated bleaching agents as they are very harsh on your baby's skin and will damage the elastics, bindings and natural fabrics of the cloth diaper. *Recommend-The Ultimate Laundry Trio*

6. The washed diapers may either be line dried or tumble dried.

Soiled Diaper Covers

Hand or machine wash with your diapers using laundry detergent and tumble dry, or line dry.

*Close Rikki covers (hook and loop) before washing or drying and/or use a small mesh laundry bag*

Bedwetter Pants & Training Pants 

turn inside out to expose cotton for laundering.

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Swim Diapers 

Hand wash in warm water and line dry. Do not wrap wet swim diapers in towel.

* Garment may bleed color *

Breathable Diaper Pail Mesh Bags

Wash in hot water and detergent before use.

* Color may bleed with blue mesh pail bags *

Wet Bags 

Turn inside-out and close the zipper 80% to deter any diapers from getting caught inside.

Storage Methods

(A) Wet pail or Pre-soak system - best for reduced staining

(B) Dry pail system - most convenient

(A) Wet pail or Pre-soak system - best for reduced staining

1. Place Mother-ease breathable mesh pail bag into the diaper pail, add water and a teaspoon of detergent* and fill to the desired level. Place used diapers into the pail and let soak (soiled diapers are first rinsed in the toilet). When ready to launder the mesh bag may be lifted out of the pail and placed over/near a drain. Empty the remaining water from the pail into the toilet. When much of the water has drained from the bag, place the bag back into the pail and transport it to a washing machine. Be sure to open the bag so that the diapers can work their way out during the wash cycle.

2. Run a pre-rinse or short cycle with warm water with ½ oz laundry detergent.

3. Wash the diapers in a full cycle, at the highest water level, using hot water (140°F / 60°C), and the manufacturer's recommended amount of laundry detergent. Avoid bleach as it can be very harsh against your baby’s skin and will damage the diaper’s fibers and elastics. Avoid the use of commercial fabric softeners. The use will result in reduced / no absorbency.

4. Washed diapers may either be line dried or dried in the dryer on medium heat.

*For both wet and dry pail systems wipe the pail clean regularly with warm soapy water.*

(B) Dry pail system - most convenient

1. Place Mother-ease breathable mesh pail bag into diaper pail, add used diapers (soiled diapers must be rinsed in toilet). When ready to launder lift the mesh bag out of pail and transport to laundry machine. Be sure to open the bag so that the diapers can work their way out during the wash cycle.

2. Run a pre-rinse or a short cycle with warm water and ½ ounce of laundry detergent

3. Follow the Mother-ease washing and drying instructions above.

*For both wet and dry pail systems wipe the pail clean regularly with warm soapy water.*

Helpful Notes & Suggestions

Waterproof Covers - Use over cloth diapers to prevent leakage. Can usually be used 3 to 4 times before washing, provided they aren't soiled.

Diaper Sprayer - Simplify a messy diaper clean-up. It installs to your toilet's water supply in 5 easy minutes.

How to Prevent Odors and Staining with the Dry Pail System - Important: to avoid odors from setting into fabrics when using Dry Pail Method, do not leave diapers sitting in a closed pail for days at a time. Diapers should be able to breathe. Use a vented diaper pail and a breathable mesh pail liner to encourage air circulation. At the end of each day used diapers stored without pre-soaking should be run through a rinse and spin or equivalent machine cycle. Rinsed diapers can be returned to the pail or ideally spread/hung to dry. Remember set odors are difficult to remove.

Diaper Stains - Rinse soiled diapers promptly in the toilet using a diaper sprayer to minimize stains. Flushable Diaper Liners or Stay Dry Liners will also help. Should you have a tough stain, apply Laundry Miracle directly to the stain and gently rub until the stain has lifted. Repeat if necessary.

Hot Water - ensure more hot water gets to your machine by running the hot water tap nearest your machine until water is hot.

Fabric Softener - Country Breeze Fabric Softener is the ONLY fabric softener that is safe to use on any cloth diapers. 

Creams - Sticky barrier creams used to help prevent diaper rash can leave residues making diapers water repellent. Flushable Diaper Liners will help prevent residue from accumulating on diapers.

Flushable Diaper Liners - To simplify the clean-up of soiled diapers, flushable paper, and bamboo liners may be laid into the diapers.

Diaper Rash - A number of factors can cause diaper rashes. The first thing to try is more frequent diaper changes. Should the problem persist, run another final rinse cycle and add a cup of white vinegar.

*Mother-ease does not recommend the use of oxygenated bleaching products (hydrogen peroxide - OxyClean), chlorides (bleach), fluorides, peroxides nor any harsh solvents (sodium percarbonate). Do not rinse diapers in toilets containing automatic toilet bowl cleaners. Use of these products will cause fabric disintegration on all-natural fibers evidenced by balding spots throughout one or all layers of diaper and will adversely affect product longevity.

Laundry Detergent Disclaimer*

Mother-ease does not recommend the use of boutique-type detergents due to customer complaints. These include (but are not limited to) Charlies Soap, Allens Naturally, Nellies Soda, Rockin' Green, Country Save, Laundry Tarts, any type of Soap Nuts, 7th Generation Soap, and Ecos.

Mother-ease does not recommend any homemade detergents. Fat deposits from the soap can accumulate in the layers of the diaper and cause water repellency.

Do not use laundry detergent products containing: sodium percarbonate,  hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach), or optical brighteners. These ingredients are often listed. When combined with uric acid and ammonia a reaction occurs causing natural fibers to dissolve. These ingredients are harsh on diaper covers and cover binding.

Note: Oversized large waterproof (nylon coated or PUL laminated) diaper pail liners should not be washed with cloth diapers. Due to their large size, they restrict water movement, interfere with effective detergent removal during rinse cycles, and impede water extraction during the spin cycles.


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Exchange and Return Policy

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