Sandy's Fitted Diaper

Most Loved Fitted Cloth Diapers!


Side Snapping Design - independent waist and leg snap adjustments to gently hug your little one - whether they are tall and lean or quite the opposite - a perfect fit every time!

Fabrics - two options: Natural Cotton Terry or our popular Stay Dry on Natural Cotton Terry

Sizes: Two main (popular) sizes: Small (8-20 lbs and Large (20-35 lbs) for a great fit from birth to potty training
Also available in Newborn (6-1 lbs) for parents that want to start cloth immediately and XLarge / Toddle-ease for any children not ready for our cloth pull-ups!

Leak-free- use our Mother-ease Air Flow (snap) or Rikki Wrap (velcro) covers to create a leak-free diapering system!

Two Part Diapering System- keeping the waterproof cover separate for enhanced washing, drying and the ability to use Cover Revitalizer in the future!

Night + Naps- extra absorbency (Sandy's Absorbent Liner) adds an extra 7oz (200ml) for 12+ hours!

Elastics- gentle elastics around the entire diaper to create the 1st line of defense against leaks!

Warranty- backed with the our manufacturing guarantee and the BEST warranty!